Satisfied [Nagisa Shiota & Karma Akabane]

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AUTHOR'S IMPORTANT NOTE: Okie, so this fanfic is based on the song 'Satisifed,' that is in Hamilton. The ORIGINAL VERSION is about two sisters and one of them falls in love with a man. I'm changing it so its ONE BROTHER and ONE SISTER (AKA YOU). 

The original version is different but is easier to understand??? Up top is the HAIKYUU VERSION. I know its Haikyuu and all but its like the same one I'm writing. Sister and Brother. So the HAIKYUU VERSION may be easier to understand if you're reading my one.






Nagisa x Karma's sister! Reader  x Karma

i'm writing your requests kay?


The room was filled with chatter as the newly wed chatted with their friends. They were happy and excited.  The newly weds shared a kiss, grinning at each other. The atmosphere was happy and cheerful. Everybody was enjoy themselves except for one person. He sat in the far corner of the room, what seemed like smiling. His energetic smile was a facade masked by despair.

Standing up, he walked to the table where the couple sat chatting. Holding a wine glass in his right hand, he lift it up. 

A toast to the groom!
(To the groom!)
(To the groom!)
{(To the groom!)}

The others chanted, as Karma sang. Clapping enthusiastically.  The men whistled, females clapping.

To the bride!
{To the bride!}
(To the bride!)
{To the bride!}

Smiling proudly at the two people who were sitting in front of him.

From your best friend

Who is always by your side
(By your side)
{By your side}

To your union
{(To the union!)}
{(To the revolution!)}

The female looked at him, twinkling in delight. Holding her husband's hand.

And the hope that you provide
(You provide!)
{(You provide!)}

The couple looked at each other, happy in each other's arms. It was a dream come true for them, one of the happiest days of their life. They would be now spending the rest of their lives with eat other.

May you always...
Be satisfied

Unlike me he thought to himself, go enjoy your life. 


[Recorded Samples:]
Rewind, rewind
Helpless, sky's, sky's
Drownin' in 'em
Drownin', rewind

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