In Faith

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A wolf's cry rang out in a desolate field, deplete of life, save one lone maiden lying among the blood stained flowers. The sound was harsh , full of yearning one can only assume for its mate for such anguish could only be fitting in relation to another.

A predatory eye roamed among the lady in question; like a lovers touch, soft and throughly intermit. She was a sweet but, her tattered jeans and simple blouse detracting none from her quiet beauty. The day was going to be a warm one apparent from the already formed sweat beads tracing paths over her slightly sun-kissed skin, even at such an hour. With a stretch the lass awoke.

The strangest sensation, like a finger lightly tracing the sweat path down the girl's spine, sending shivers in its' wake caused the girl's abrupt explosion from her dream induced peace. It was clear that she was agitated to be ripped so sudden from such a state; her quickened heartbeat indicated such. Pounding away in rhythmic beat, so loud that if anyone was near surely they would have over-heard. A quick look around the secluded area in her spot amongst the flowers, as though to ascertain that she was indeed on her own, followed by her awakening. Pausing only briefly to sight admist the trees as if drawn to that one particular spot due west of where she previously lay, shaking her head as if to dismiss a thought, or even that particular spot as if in resignment; she went on her way, with a decisive step forward.

Sharp ears peaked at the stucco sound of an elevated heartbeat, taking infinite pleasure in the thought that it was his presence that made the girl awaken. The perverse pleasure solidifying when she stared into a dense patch of trees, when she stared right right at him, shaking her head as if it was possible that she could see him, as if it was possible that she knew it was him. Her senses were a dull parody of his own, being a mere mortal what else could one expect, the watcher scoffed mentally,at himself or at the girl in question it was impossible to tell as not even he was sure such an answer existed. Sadness overwhelmed him at that point. His heightened senses just brought forward another difference between the beautiful maiden and himself. No her senses were not dull she was sharp of mind and quick of wit, as he had the immense pleasure of witnessing time and time again; she was as meant to be.... unlike him. She was perfect the way she was and will continue to be, it was him with inhuman perceptions.

He yearned to be with the one among the flowers, elfin in her slight but womanly form, she took his breath away. She walked along,alone at this point; looking for breakfast he assumed, and strangely happy when proven correct. Strange more so in the fact that it was obviously time for the early meal, due to the hour, rather that he was happy to see her eat (everything about her delighted him).He stayed close though not overly so she couldn't see him in his hiding spot within the trees, directly above where she had her feast. He watched the woman he desired above all else pick a plump berry off the berry bush in from of her and raise it to her lips. The lushious berries trip to her mouth was almost in slow motion, to him at least. The anticipation for her juicy lips to that sweetend fruit was far more intense then he could possibly justify even if to himself. What was it about this particular creature that had captivated him so, even at the first glance. During his wonderings he hadn't realised how intently the rest of him was focused on the lush fruit and even lusher lips until he bit back a moan, when her little pink tongue darted out to taste the juices dripping off the red fruit before looking directly where he sat in the tree above and ceremoniously dropped the rest of the fruit between strong sharp teeth.

Unbeknown to her the site of her having her morning meal was both erotic and heart breakingly beautiful, for little did she know the forbidden fruit on her lips tasted all the more sweeter.

The day progressed in this fashion; her going about business the watchers' lonely eyes drinking in the sight of her through her travels; only leaving her side when she went to conduct business in the near-by village. He allowed her to depart the safety of his watch, . She was safe there, her self appointed bodyguard reminded himself knowing deep down that the villagers would mind her, even if he couldn't walk in the light next to the goddess, he would watch her but more importantly keep her safe, never again would she be endangered never again because of him. For no matter what happened to him or between them he vowed to protect her as he was eternally hers.

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