10. Leader

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   I stifle a yawn as I drive to Seoul National University where Jungkook and I had agreed to meet. I hadn't been able to turn my mind off last night after Jungkook texted me. I'm really tired now. It's still insane how he had managed to memorize my number and then got the guts to text me. And at exactly 12:07 AM.

At the Seoul National University, a huge campus with lots of big buildings, cars, and people, I just go with the flow in the stream of students and employees, until I wind up in front of one large building. I've never really been to SNU before, so I'm not quite certain where I am. Until I see the big sign that says "Department of Engineering."

Well, that answered my question.

I scan the crowds around me, half expecting to see Namjoon just walking with them. I don't though. Instead I see Jungkook walking towards me. I feel my nerves spike a little and almost start grinning stupidly at him. I catch myself just in the nick of time.

"What does this Namjoon-ssi look like?" He asks when he gets close enough to me. Straight to bussiness as usual.

I search up a picture of Namjoon and then show it to Jungkook.

He raises his brows at the photo. "Runch Randa?"

"It's his rapper name, be nice to him," I say defensively on behalf of Namjoon.

The only photos I could pull up of Namjoon was his rapping profile photos. All of which had "Runch Randa" on them.

"Should we ask the front desk about their Runch Randa then? It sounds like a salad dressing."

"Don't call him that!" I scold Jungkook. "When at school, he's Kim Namjoon."

Jungkook just smirks a little before heading inside. I give the crowds one more look around but don't see anyone I recognize.

Inside, we both head into the front office and behind the desk is a stern faced man. I can't tell if it's because his resting face is a "pissed monkey" look or if he's actually having a bad day.

"Excuse me?" I ask softly.

The man turns to look up at me slowly from the papers in front of him. "Yeah?"

Even his voice sounds dead and scary. "Um, I was here to ask about one of your students and see if he's around," I stammer.

"We're not allowed to give information about our students unless you have an ID that proves you are a relative of this student," the man says in a monotone.

"Oh okay," I back away instantly. I don't want to try and debate or talk to this man more than I have to.

"Should of called in, huh?" Jungkook stuffs his hands in his pockets, looking around once we head back outside.

I don't answer and begin to walk deeper into the campus.

"Hey, where are you going?" Jungkook says in surprise.

"To find Namjoon-ssi, what else?" I ask as if it should be obvious what I was doing.

"Do you even know how big this campus is?" Jungkook runs up to me. "Nari, you could be looking around for hours without any success."

"He's the top student in the class, I'm sure some people will know where he is," I say impatiently.

"So are you just going to walk up to other people and ask if they know a guy named Kim Namjoon?" Jungkook asks a little skeptically.

I walk up to two female students who are sitting on a nearby bench. "Excuse me," I ask, grabbing their attention, "do you know who or where a student named Kim Namjoon is?"

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