Chapter 28

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Ice lurked around me, tendrils of cold snaking up my limbs from my fingers and ankles.

Peach roses blushed on her cheeks, previously invisible lines of strain melting away, her mouth softening.

Too much. Reason told me she was pulling too much, but...

My dragon coiled in on himself, eyes dark with grief and resignation, scales dulling as magic flowed out of us.

Would it be so bad to give more to her? This cold starting to cocoon me, was that what wrapped around her, stealing the life from her? How could I refuse her comfort? She was my mate, my fated one, and the female I had sworn to myself to shelter and protect.

Just a little bit more. Surely I could spare that much.

My dragon closed his eyes and turned his head into his wing, his silence ringing louder than bells.


Was I lying to myself?

Shadows pressed in, the glittering dark dazzling my vision.

Ribbons of steel banded around my arms and yanked.

I fell back, thudding against a muscular chest.

Lucas glared at me. "Are you mad?"

I opened my mouth. To object? To deny?

Darkness swept in and I surrendered to its implacable command. 

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