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real life - stacey - party time
me and jack were getting in the car headed to madison's. she invited us to a party at her house. all of our friends apologized for starting drama and not being happy for me and jack. it's been 10 months since we started dating and ever since we did it's been pure bliss. except for the recent drama with meg and madison. i see myself with him for the rest of my life and i can't wait to see what happens. we pull up to madison's house and all we can hear is blaring music coming from inside. we walk to the door and knock waiting for the answer. i look over at jack and grab his hand. "hey baby" i say with a smile. "i'm sure she's fine." referring to megan. we haven't seen her in two months and god only knows what she looks like right now. "i know i know. i'm just nervous. i haven't seen any of them in a while except for johnson." he responds. i kiss him on the cheek and i see a blush creep where the kiss was planted. the door opens to a skinny girl with short brown hair. she was wearing a red silk dress with a large denim jacket draped on her shoulders. it was megan. it was my best friend whom i haven't seen in over two months. i smiled and leaned in for a hug. she wrapped her arms around me and i hear her sniffle. "i missed you bitch." she says through the tears with a laugh at the end. "i missed you too bitch." i say crying. we're interrupted by a fake cough. i turn around with a smile wiping he tears from my face. jack looks over my shoulder and sees his adoptive sister. they hold their embrace for a minute until they're done then she invites me in. i tell jack to go find sammy and jack to say hi so i can have a moment with meg. "so.." "so what?" she asks. "how is it?!?" i ask. "how is what?" she ask genuinely confused. "the sex! girl sex. ya know with madison?" i explain. "ohhhh we haven't-" "no need i understand." i cut her off. we head to the party where jack is drinking some liquid from a cup and although most of us were underage we didn't care. we were back together and we were going to party.

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