chapter 3

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The episode starts with anika continues to tell about her I don't want to be a bird caged in a golden cage I want to be a free bird

Shivaay :why you don't want us to do business with your brothers

Anika:bcz my brothers are not only business people they are also undercover mafia

Rudra who is drinking water split it out in schoked others were also schoked with this news


Pinky:omm your brothers are mafia?

Anika:yes as I know they will do business only with mafia people only they never do business who are not are mafia that's why I asked you not to do any business with them

Avni:they did all this for your safety they don't want to lose you

Anika :i know that but I don't want to be the reason of some one

Anika stopped as she doesn't want to continue

Avni :don't you miss your brothers

Anika: I do miss them I miss Jai a lot but as I said I don't want to be a bird caged in a golden cage. Whenever I think of Jai his cute face come in front of me

Shivaay become jealous

Avni:he loves you  a lot

Anika:even I love him a lot  he loves to feed me

Omru notice shivaay getting jealous and angry

Rudra:anika di who is jai

Anika:he is abhi bhai

Shivaay :your abhi bhai

Anika:2 years old son

Shivaay  smiled cutely

Om:but anika why your not planning to run now

Anika:if I rubbed from here my brothers will make you all home arrest still they find me



Shivaay:if they are your brothers then how is sahil related to you

Anika:sahil parents were my caretaker they are like my another parents .They use to take me out without my brothers knowledge .One day abhi bhai found it he was going to fire them I requested him not to do it.He agreed and warn them not to take me out without informing them. One day I was in park that time sahil was 6 month some people tried to attack me they lost their life saving mine  from that day onwards sahil was living with us. Abhi bhai become his legal guardian.

Just then they heared a horn sound  Neel and Ranveer entered the mansion. Neel took anika hand dragged her out. Followed by avni and akash
Ranveer: we want to meet you to expose kapoors so if you people wantwe can continue this deal. Saying this Ranveer left the place

Everyone left to their place shivaay was standing there thinking about anika

Anika reaches mehata mansion  she was welcomed by abhi and pragya.

Abhi was very happy to see her sister cum daughter after 8 months

Shivaay in mehata mansion

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