Christmas! (S2 - 24)

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/Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you have good holiday and get lots of presents!/

~Nondescript Holiday Spectacular

"Every Chibi in beacon liked the holiday season"

The scene opens with everyone hanging around the well-decorated living cooking, reading, or trying to guess what present they got by shaking their box as Ruby walks in with her head stuck in a giant snowball making everyone laugh

"But this chibi loathed it for who knows what reason?"

The camera zooms in at the window showing an annoyed Roman who then jumps down next to Neo and Wade who made an adorable little snowman at the front of the school

Roman: "Curses! It's my least favorite time of the year!" he jerks his head back causing his hat to fall off. Wade picks it up for Neo to dust off and put back on his head as he continued monologuing "The time of year when everybody is nice and loving and everyone 'cares' about one another, but no one cares about me!"

Neo: "I think you're alright!"

Wade: "That's not true I care-"

Roman: "Bah! I wish I could cancel the stupid holiday for good! But stealing all the presents and decorations won't do. No. The holidays aren't about material possessions, they're about the spirit of the season, and nothing can stop that... until now! Behold! The Spirit Sucker!"

Neo: "What sucks is the name."

Wade: "Shh he's already in a bad mood!"

Roman: "With this device, I'm gonna suck the Holiday Spirit out of each and every miserable little brat in Beacon. Then, the holidays will be ruined forever!"

He laughs as Neo and Wade clap at his plan while smiling.

Roman: "C'mon you two, tis the season for sorrow!"

"And so, armed with a ray gun, his cane and hat... the chibi vowed sorrow and delivered just that"

Roman goes to Sun who was putting the star at the top of the tree sucking his spirit leaving him hanging there. He then went to Weiss and (Y/n) who were making snow angles doing the same making them pout and frown and to Blake, Thorn, and Yang coming out of a present leaving them in the same sorrowful state. Then finally to Ruby as she was gonna take a bite out of her cookie sucking her spirit as well as the chocolate ships from her treat

Ruby: "Aww, what's the point?"

Back at the front of the school

Roman: "Mwahahaha! We did it! The holiday is ruined! All that's left to do now is dispose of the giant bag of holiday spirit"

The three try and move the bag with barely any result

Ruby: "Do you need any help?"

The three look to see team RWBY acquainted with (Y/n) and Thorn behind them

Roman: "But- you- how?! What are you kids doing?! You're all supposed to be miserable and sad, not willing to help!" 

(Y/n): "Well you took away our spirit but that doesn't stop us from wanting to help others and show we love one another"

Weiss: "Yeah, we're not mean"

Blake: "Not all of us at least"

Weiss gives Blake a quick glare making both (Y/n) and Thorn chuckle

Ruby: "So do you need help with whatever it is you're doing?"

Roman: "Wha- I- I... don't need help! I don't need any of you! Leave me alone!"

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