Part 14

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•Ella's POV•

"Ella!" Jack yelled, jumping on my bed. "El! It's Christmas."
"Jackie." I complained. "I'm tired."
"I don't care." He whined. "Alex said we had to wait for you."
"Jack? Can I just not?" He shook his head and picked me up.
I screamed in reply, laughing a little. 
He threw me on the couch, next to Alex, who had a hot chocolate for me.
"Thank you." I whispered, sipping the drink.
"Aren't you gonna open gifts?"
"Not yet," I shook my head, "it's early, let Jack go before he has a heart attack."
Alex laughed, as Jack grabbed a small box, ripping it open, with a bunch of guitar picks in it.
"Ok, El please just go, over half the stuff under the tree is yours."  I sighed, and went to sit next to Jack.
"Where you I start?" I asked Alex and he shrugged.
I grabbed a wrapped box with my name on it. I unwrapped it and it was a box of white fairy lights.
"Thanks Alex." I smiled and he nodded for me to keep going.
"Open the thinner one next." Alex nodded.
I unwrapped it a little and saw the corner of a cork board. I saw all of it, and it was a bunch of pictures from tour. Pictures of me cuddled up to Alex in the back of the bus, a few pictures of me with the whole band, and that time Awsten tried to teach me to play guitar, along with a bunch of other moments. I ran up to Alex and jumped on him, hugging him and thanking him over and over.
"There's other stuff too El." He laughed, lightly pushing me into the floor.
In the next, about 45 minutes, I opened a desk, 2 beanbag chairs, a bed, a laptop, a tv, a white fuzzy rug, a bookshelf, some stuff to put onto my desk like flowers, a globe, candles, sheets, pillows, a speaker, some small make up items, a large stuffed bear with an all time low shirt on, a tapestry, a really nice camera, and a ton of books.
"Can we watch Home Alone?" Jack asked, as everyone else tried to clean up wrapping paper.
"Can I finish making breakfast first?" Alex asked, trying to make pancakes and smoothies, and whatever.
Zack and Rian were trying to move stuff into my room, set up my bed and desk and all, so Alex and I could decorate it later.
I stood next to Alex, my job was to make smoothies for everyone while Alex made everyone a plate of pancakes and eggs.
"Everyone get your food!" Alex yelled, and I placed drinks in front of each plate, grabbing my own plate, and sitting on the couch.
Alex sat next to me, as Jack was screaming about something and trying to turn on Home Alone. I tore apart a piece of pancake and shoved it into my mouth, leaning into Alex's side, and smiling, as the movie started to play.

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