Chapter 4

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I felt the sunlight struck my face and I knew it was time to get up. I tried to look at my digital alarm clock that was sitting on my night stand and it had only a minute left before it would go off. I savored the remaining minute smelling my fresh sheets before I had to get up and get ready for work.

The clock read six thirty in the morning and I was already dressed in a black pencil skirt and a plain teal blouse with an off white Peter Pan collar stitched along the blouse's neckline. I dragged myself barefoot into the kitchen when Hugh was already flipping pancakes on the stove.

"Good morning!" Hugh squealed rather enthusiastically.

I wasn't really in the mood so I ended up giving him a meek smile. I knew he was in a good mood because he had a meeting with a celebrity that he had been fan girl-ing so much over the past month. Turned out, she wanted Hugh to design her dress for the red carpet.

Hugh was an apprentice for Madame Verina, a Swedish designer, who carried her career and talent to the Big Apple. As she aged elegantly into her fifties, she spent most of her time mentoring youthful designers who were passionate enough to survive the fashion industry. She also gave them their much needed exposure to fully develop their potential as a designer. Hugh was lucky to have met Madame Verina because the fashion industry didn't work that way. She saw potential in Hugh's work. Hugh was only self-taught. He didn't have the proper education and experience. Yet, it had been his passion to make clothes ever since I met him. We just didn't have the money yet. His parents could only offer a bit of their money to support his dream.

He placed a hand onto his chest and faked that he was offended by my negativity. "Vee, I'm trying to spread good vibrations around this apartment and your glum mood is not welcome."

"Sorry." I smiled faintly as I sat down on our small dining table. After a moment of silence, I called out his attention. "Hugh..." I paused thinking that I was about to break the cheery atmosphere. "I'm really nervous meeting Wilson's lawyer today."

He looked at me with a sad smile on his face and said, "Hey, don't be nervous. I'm sure everything will work out fine."

As I heard Hugh's comforting words, it made me smile and brighten my mood a little.

"Here's your breakfast, eat up." He placed a plate in front of me that was stacked with pancakes topped with a slice of butter and maple syrup. I started to devour every bit of it. After I had my breakfast, Hugh and I left the apartment to head off to work.

Usually, he would drop me off since he was the only one with a car. I still couldn't afford my own since I have been saving up all my income for far more important things. I wasn't even sure what it was but just in case I needed the money. Besides, a car wasn't really a priority for me right now. I could always use public transport.

You could say that Wilson was really generous when it came to my salary. I have been doing my job exceedingly well. I made sure that Wilson was well taken care of. My current pay was more than I could ask for.

As I entered the building, Bob, the security, and Brenda, the receptionist, greeted me and wished me a great day ahead. I knew they were only doing their job but I wasn't really anticipating on having a good day. I just gave them a weak smile and continued my way up to Wilson's office which was located on the fortieth floor. It was the last floor where you could view the vast buildings that have been erected all over New York.

I reached the last floor and passed by the lounge. Then I saw Wilson's lawyer, George Brent, who sat on the couch rather stiffly while he waited. When he noticed my presence, he lifted his head to acknowledge me while I approached him in a welcoming manner.

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