crying over him

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Emma pov;

I sat in my bed under the cover with my phone in my hand. I went on Instagram then typed In Anthony's full name. I scrolled through accounts and found one with his face on the profile picture. This must be his account. I sent him a follow request and minutes later he accepted it. He requested me but I didn't accept it yet. I looked through his page. This was definitely Anthony. I small smile appeared on my face as I saw some of his post. I turned my phone off. I stared at my wall. Why I'm I falling for him so quick? I barely know him. I don't even know if that matters. I closed my eyes thinking of a fake life that Anthony and I dated. But my mind knew that we would never date.

- week later -

Teacher; Class! We are doing a science project and I'll be picking partners!
My science teacher yelled. Groans came from the room. Everyone hated when a teacher had to pick partners. Except me of course. I didn't have any friends so I didn't mind the teacher choosing for me. I listened as names got called. I looked over to Anthony. He was smiling at a girl across the room. I stared at her. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Wait that's the girl that was at my lunch table. Lauren is her name.
Teacher; Emma and Anthony.
My heart stopped. Is there another Emma in this class? There is no way we are together.
Teacher; Now that you know your partners get to work!
I looked at Anthony. He was staring at me. How does he know who I am? Anthony; I'm Anthony Trujillo.
I smiled.
Emma; I'm Emma Washington.
He played with his hands.
Anthony; Uh science isn't my best subject.
Emma; Same with me.
I hated this small talk. This was so awkward. Why can't I just be normal and make conversation. Lauren came over and leaned on Anthony's seat. Lauren; Hey baby. I have the worst partner. Looks like you do to.
She whispered loud enough for me to hear. He laughed. I pretend not to hear.
Lauren; You're coming to my house after school right? And we can do homework.
Lauren giggled as she put her hands in quotation marks when she said homework. I looked at the floor. My mind went blank. I got up tripping over my feet.
Emma; Mrs. Clark. Can I please use the restroom?
I asked the science teacher. She nodded her head. I walked as fast as I could to the bathroom. I ran in a stall. I sat on a toilet and stared at the stall door. Small tears escaped my eyes. I can't believe I'm crying over this kid and I barley know him. I rubbed my eyes probably smearing my mascara. I can't like him, I just can't. Call me over dramatic please, I know I am. I've cried over a crush before just not this early into liking them. It's not even a big deal. Ugh. I grabbed toilet paper and wiped my eyes. I heard people come in so I toughened up and took a deep breath.
Lauren; Anthony, come in no one is in here.
Lauren. I quickly pulled my feet onto the toilet.
Anthony; You sure?
I heard him walk in.
Anthony; Yo! If anyone is in here imma beat your ass if you don't come out!
Anthony screamed. Lauren laughed. Anthony; Come here.
I heard kissing sounds escape their mouths. I felt tears go down my eyes. Don't cry over him. It's not worth your time. It's not like you two will ever be a thing.
I know it's dramatic for Emma to be crying about what she is crying about but she really likes him.

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