Katana storm

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India_oneill as Katana Storm🔝❤️

"Ugh this is too easy" I think you myself as I sit on the cold concrete ground.
"What do you think" I ask looking over to the motionless corpse on the far end of the garbage infested floor.

"Yeahh....I think so too" I slump with my hand under my chin.
"Welp! Time to go" I pop up feeling a bit weak on my shoulder from the bullet pierced in my skin.
I pull out my matte black phone from the back pocket of my jeans and dialed in a number.

"Hello?" A deep voice answers.
"I need you to clean up my mess" I demand turning over to the 3 lifeless bodies behind me.
"A Hello would've been nice" Caden says from the phone.

"Valor street" I reply before hanging up the phone.
I look over to them not feeling one ounce of regret in my body.
"Should've never tried to steal from the orphanage" I comment keeping my eyes on the body.
Soon, fainted sirens erupt in my ears as I bolt up realizing the police are coming.

I guess you probably figured out I'm not a good guy, since im running away from the police. But I'm not a bad guy either. I'm somewhat in the middle. If that makes sense.

I walk in my house finding it empty. I guess Ray isn't back. Me and Ray are best friends and we live together. I don't have a family as you can see, and neither does Raylia, or Ray for short.

I carefully wash myself off being aware of my Injury.
Soon, after washing off, I rest my hands through my scalp scrubbing off the dirt and blood. I let my hands rake through my curly black hair as the vanilla shampoo falls down my strands.

I get out the shower and dry myself off as I walk towards my cabinet.
I grab alcohol, gauze wraps and ointment with a needle and thread.
I walk over taking a seat on the velvet carpeted floor looking into the body mirror observing myself.
I shift to find comfort and start rubbing the coca butter lotion on my Carmel skin gliding past some of my tattoos.

I soon finish and start working on my wound.
I finish with the treatment and start to work on my stitches. I insert a belt in my mouth and bite down as I slowly poke the needle through my skin taking extra precautions so I don't mess up.


I slowly open my eyes to the sound of my obnoxious Alarm blaring. I groan and swing my arm to my phone hitting it as the noise comes to a halt.

I make my way out my bed slowly and walk to my closet.
"Shit" I jump back as I look in the mirror at my reflection.
"I can't work with this" I comment before walking back to my room and grabbing my phone before making my way back to the closet.

"I need help" I plead to my best friend, Ray on FaceTime. Although her room is right down the hall, I still FaceTime her.
"It's not that bad" she insists as she applies mascara.
"I still don't understand why you wear makeup" I comment. "You don't need it" I add.

"Not everyone is as gorgeous as you" she insults.
"Not everyone doesn't need eyebrow pencils because they have a perfect arch. Or no lip stick because they have plump lips already" she barks.
"Ok ok. Sorry I asked." I surrender before walking away to pick an outfit.

"How bout this?" I ask showing her a pair of sweat pants and a regular top.
"Seriously?" She answers giving my an annoyed look.
"What, this is how I feel right now" I declare.
"Come on Katana, it's the first day of summer" she snaps moving her mascara from her eye.
"Besides, you have a nice body, I don't know why you hide it" She compliments.

"Fineeee" I exhaust walking away.
"How bout this one" I ask walking back showing her my pick. "Much better" she perks.


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After getting ready, I go to Rays room and tell her we have to leave. I walk out the door with Ray tailing me and I hop on my motorcycle.

We pull up to Starbucks and hear high pitched squeals and everyone looking towards another direction.
"What do you think is going on?" I ask Ray.

She shrugs her shoulders and I shake off the bad feeling I had in the pit of my stomach.
We walk towards the store and while we were entered we heard some more squeals  as the noise got closer to us.

We see some girls surrounding 3 boys.
There were a sight for sore eyes if I do say so myself.
One was a brunette with blue eyes.
The next one was also a brunette but with with with dark chocolate eyes.

The main one in the middle was my personal favorite. He had jet black curly hair with dark brown eyes mixed with a dark jade color. He had tattoos on his arms and his neck.
All of them were around the same height and were extremely built. The main one though, was the biggest.

They noticed everyone swooning over them but didn't really pay attention which is a bit surprising, they look like the type to fuck and duck.
I feel the middle ones eyes shift to me before smirking in my direction and I quickly averted my eyes avoiding contact with him. I didn't even realize Ray talking to me the whole time.

"-I mean come on. But he is a kinda cute though" she says. "I guess" I shrug not really caring for boy topic.
It was now our turn to order and I got my classic iced caramel latte.

We wait at the side of the counter and I could feel the boys eyes on me the whole time.
We finally got our drinks and left the shop.

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