Game 1 - I am Ex-Aid!

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Gēmu City, Japan, 2017

Yuugo P.O.V

Hi, I'm Yuugo Kagari, I moved from America to Japan, though I am sad to leave my home, I'm also excited! The city I'm moving to is where the Genm Corporation Tower resides! Genm Corp. are currently the biggest game making company in the world! That also means a new school, which, honestly, I couldn't be any less miserable. I always got bullied in American schools, what'll make my experience in Japan schools any different? Right now, I'm walking out of my home to start my walk to my new school. I just need to get through this day, and then I'm able to go the Launch of the new Genm Corp. Platformer, Mighty Action X! I've been waiting so many months for the game, It's the only thing on my mind. I was distracted by the thought of Mighty Action X, when I tripped over a random item, face-planting onto the concrete, I held my nose, as I got up to see that it was a suitcase. I scratched my head, taking a closer look to see the official Genm Corp. Logo! The thought that something big could be inside slipped my mind, as I quickly open the suitcase. It looked like a new console, with a pink-colored cartridge for Mighty Action X! I don't mind the weird design choices of both items, I'm just surprised that Mighty Action X would already get a port for a new console that hasn't even been announced. Seemed like the items were already named. The console was the "Gamer Driver", and cartridge was called a "Gashat". As much as I wanted to return this, and actually have a chance to meet the Genm Corp. CEO Kenzaki Kuruto, I didn't want to be late for my first day. I stuffed it into my bag, and ran off.

Third Person P.O.V

After Yuugo headed off to school, a brown-haired women in a nurse's outfit ran by in a panic. Her name tag read: Asuna Karina.

Asuna: Damnit! I can't believe I lost a Gamer Driver Unit! Kuruto will be so mad!!

She looked at her watch.

Asuna: I'm going to get fired!

She ran in the same direction Yuugo went. She was the school nurse.

Genm Corp. Tower, CEO Office

Kenzaki Kuruto sat in his chair, holding another Gamer Driver Unit, with 3 more in his desk, sitting next to 3 Gashats, each a different game. A light-blue one was the famous RPG Game, Taddle Quest. A navy-blue one was the game stuck in Development Hell, the shooter game, Bang Bang Shooting. The final one was yellow which held the racing game, Bakasou Bike. In front of the desk, was a screen projector, projecting a video call onto the wall. The person he was talking to was a representative of the Ministry of Health.

Kenzaki: So, The development of the Gamer Drivers, and Gashats are done. We have the weapons to fight this new Video-Game disease. Tell me, who will you  choose to do the job?

Representative: We have a list of compatible users, which are handpicked doctors. We will get back to you on the people we choose.

Kenzaki replied with a simple nod, as the call ended. The windows were suddenly cut off from the outside, as the blinds cover them. A hand reached out from the darkness, and turned off the projector. A teenage-boy, and green, humanoid creature stepped out of the darkness.

Boy: So..It finally begins Kuruto?

The boy had a villainous smirk on his face, as Kenzaki stared at him in response.

Yuugo P.O.V

It's lunchtime, and I already got into a fight on my first day. No surprise, I lost, and is currently walking to the nurse's office.

Yuugo: Mom is going to...

My sentence is interrupted by what I saw on entering the room. The nurse turned around in her chair to face me.

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