Sakurauchi Riko x Snow Woman! Reader x Tsushima Yoshiko (Lemon)

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Hey Fleet!

Time for this I assume, so yeah, I'm nervous, you're probably nervous, so let's do it! And for clarifying it, a female reader.

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Warning: Sexual content, and lots of YohaRiko! For remembering, ====, these friends mark the beginning and the end of the lemon.

No much to add, LET THE LOVE BURN!


The Sun And The Moon

Riko's POV

During the last days in Uchiura, there has been an intense decrease in temperature, an unnatural since we are in a coastal city, even getting to 57°F or 14°C. It feels like Tokyo when winter strike during Christmas season. Because of this, scientists have been visiting Uchiura for recollecting data on why the temperature is decreasing at this rate, only in Uchiura while the other cities or islands in Japan are remaining normal. They even fear for snow to fall free from the sky.

For that reason, today at Uranohoshi, they have giving the students the permission to wear any other clothes instead of the uniform since it is specialized for warm temperatures, so all of the students are wearing winter clothes including me, also there is a rumor that Mari-chan and Dia-san are discussing on cancelling classes because of the unusual weather that we are having.

Talking about more personal things, Yoshiko-chan and I have been very close for the last weeks; I'm even growing accustomed to her behavior, repeating things as I was her servant! Chika-chan even thinks that I'm into that stuff now!

And Yoshiko-chan doesn't makes the things more easily thought, she is always hanging up with me, I even got to listen some students gasping at the sight of Yoshiko-chan and me together and whispering something like YohaRiko is real or My ship is finally floating!

"Where are we going, My Little Demon Riri?" Yoshiko-chan asked from behind me. She is following me to the music room since I need to continue working on a song for Aquors to sing in the Christmas Live we are holding in Uchiura.

"It's Riko!" I turned around and faced her, later regretting that decision because of the closeness between both of our faces. I could hear the girls surrounding us squealing due to our sudden approach. For some reason, I blushed madly and had to turn around again and continue walking through the halls of Uranohoshi. "We are going to the music room, the song is still not finished yet and the Live is in two weeks from now"

"I understand" The unusual calm answer of Yoshiko-chan got me a little worried about earlier, maybe she is also affected by those rumors that are spreading all around the school.

We continued walking until we arrived to the music room, opened the door and I took my seat in front of the piano while Yoshiko-chan only sat beside me, both of our bags beside each other on the floor, looking at me while I was composing.

Since the very first moment that I touched the tiles, the time became something useless for me, that term and its existence didn't passed through my head as Yoshiko-chan looked at me while I was playing, is that a blush I see in her face?

Just as I saw her face slowly becoming red, I stopped the music and leaned my forehead in hers to measure her temperature, she was burning and her face is as red as a tomato!

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