𝙭𝙞𝙞𝙞. 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙝𝙞𝙢.

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( chapter thirteen - for him. )


chapter inspired by: 'for him.' by troye sivan feat. allday
" we've been making shades of purple out of red and blue, sickenly sweet like honey, don't need money. all i need is you. "

( credits to the owner of whoever made this )

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( credits to the owner of whoever made this )

"you guys do not hang out with this lucas kid, alright?" billy explains to max and macy, once they both hop into his car, "understand?!" billy yells louder.

"yes." max and macy frightfully said at their brother.

the car came to an abrupt stop - like usual - and the girls jumped out of the cars and in the house in a flash. they were tired and just needed rest from the long day that was hell.

macy threw her backpack on the edge of her bed, groaning as she jumped afterwards. her face hit her pillow and she just wanted to sleep, but she remembered will wasn't at school today. so she decides to try and contact him.

billy left the house again, off to his horny teenage boy shenanigans. the girls didn't care where he went, just as long as they weren't involved.

she walked up to their house phone in the middle of their living room, dialing the byers' house phone number.

"hello?" macy heard joyce's shaky voice.

"hey, joyce?" macy spoke into the phone, looking around her hopelessly.

"hey sweetie. what's up? aren't you supposed to be in school?" joyce questions.

macy chuckles softly, "i'm just asking to see if i can come over in a bit to see will and tell him what he missed out on today. school just ended."

"oh alright. of course you can come over." joyce explained, "just a fair warning, will's not feeling too good right now."

"ok don't worry. thank you. i'll be there in a bit." macy hung up the phone and smiled.

"going to the byers?" the sound of her brother's voice caused her to jump, and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

would billy allow her to go if she admitted it? he heard the whole phone call. she wasn't sure of what to say, despite billy being overprotective.

"yes?" macy nervously scratched the back of her neck.

"and why should i," billy took a few steps closer to her, his breath on her face, "let you go?"

macy licked her lips and stood up straight, "because you're my brother and you love me. just this once billy, please. i need to see if my friend is okay."

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