Orange juice

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One day big boy, Awsten Knight went down to the store to get a nice thicc bottle of orange juice. He could almost feel the cool liquid moisten his esophagus. He walked in to see a rather strange fellow. He gazed at him endearingly thinking he was quite handsome. The man made direct eye contact with him through his iconic sun glasses. He felt as if his eyes were in flames. He quickly looked away. The man walked up to an employee and asked "Do you sell cheetah meat?" His voice was the weirdest fucking voice that Awsten had ever heard. It was like Patrick star on meth. He was enticed by it. He had an abrupt feeling of recognition. It was his childhood senpai,
sound cloud rapper, Felony Steve. His heart fluttered. He blushed as he remembered giving a gentle peck on the lips of his Felony Steve  poster every night. He had written a large sum of Felony Steve fan fics, all of which with him starring as Steve's lover.  Steven was more thick than he could have ever imagined. He ran up to Steve, awfully star struck. With nothing that he could think of to say he blurted out the first thing he could come up with. "Mr. Steve dat ass lookin pretty

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