Chapter 10

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"We need to help him!" Clary said.

"Clary, we'll take him to Magnus, he can help him" Addy said leaning against Alec, who was supporting him.

"Addy you don't have enough energy" Alec said seeing the state the girl was in.

"No, Magnus can help Luke, he's the only family she has right now, I'm not going to be the reason he dies, we are going to Magnus'." Addy said.

"Let's go" Jace said helping Clary pick up Luke.

"Addy, your heating up" Alec says picking her up bridal style.

"I'll be fine" Addy says "let's just get to Magnus'"

The group took Luke to Magnus'. Addy was slipping in and out of consciousness.

When they arrived they barged in. Magnus was yelling at the group to place Luke on the couch.

"Addison! What happened" Magnus said as Alec and Addy walked in.

"She got cut" Alec said. Magnus tried to take him out of his arm but Alec tighten his grip.

"I can help her, just place her down on the other couch." Magnus said.

"Magnus— focus on Luke" Addy said. He hesitated but Addy flared at him.

"Focus, on Luke, he's more hurt." Addy said.

"Alexzander, go to the kitchen and get a bowl of cold water and a rag, and cool her down, while I heal Luke" Magnus said. Alec nodded and ran to the kitchen.

"He got scratched by an Alpha, they have poison on their claws, I know a potion  but I don't have all the ingredients" Magnus said.

"Me and Simon will get it if you tell us what you need." Jace said.

Magnus told him what he needed while Alec put a wet rag on Addy on her forehead.

"Clary clean his wounds" Magnus ordered "I'm going to help Addison"

"Addison, did you put an iratze on the wound" Magnus asked

"It only healed it halfway, Alec put another one and it fully healed, I've never seen an iratze do that unless I'm already dead or I have a demon wound" Addy said lifting up her pant leg to show the cut.

"I think that knife was covered in poison and you sealed it into your skin" Magnus said examining it.

"You little dipshit" Alec said smiling down at Addy so smiled weakly back.

"Magnus, do you have anything?" Alec asked.

"I don't know what type of poison it is, Addy Where is the knife?" Magnus said "I can't heal you without knowing what type of poison it is"

"It's in the cell" Addy said. "But you can't go back, the werewolves" she had a coughing fit and spit up blood

"Magnus do something" Alec said. Magnus stood up and sighed.

"I can't promise her survival" Magnus said worriedly.

"If you don't try, she will die" Alec said grabbing Magnus' collar. He let Magnus go.

Magnus looked at Alec and back to Addy. He sighed and rotated his hands so that a purple light was created.

He pressed to the ball of light into her chest. She glowed a light purple and then the light disappeared.

"What happened? Is she healed?" Alec asked.

"We have to wait, take her to my room." Said Magnus. "You can stay with her."

Alec carried her into Magnus' room.

Jace and Simon came back with the rest of the ingredients.

Magnus made the potion.

"I'm running out of energy" Magnus said while Clary was making the potion.

"What do you need?" Jace asked

"Alexzander" Magnus said

"Why?" Jace asked.

"Virgin Shadowhunter energy" Magnus said.

"Well, Okay" Simon said.

"Alec!" Jace called out. Alec came out of the room in a hurry. He looked at everyone and at Magnus.

"Is she alright" Magnus asked

"I don't know, she's asleep" Alec said "what do you need?"

"I need some energy, can I borrow yours?" Magnus asked.

"Take as much as you need" Alec said holding out his hand.

After a long hour, Luke was healed and was now in the room and Addy was now on the couch.

"When will she wake up?" Jace asked. Clary and Alec were there while Luke slept.

"I don't know" Magnus said.

Her leg glowed purple, bright purple, everyone covered their eyes. And then the light slowly faded.

Addy gasped and fell to the floor coughing. Magnus caught her as she fell.

"Rosey" Addy said.

"What?" Clary and Alec said.

Jace bent down next to Addy. "Addy, what is it?"

"What's going on" Magnus asked as Alec took her into his arms.

"Jace what's a Rosey?" Alec asked.

"It was her nickname" Jace said "Addy what is it? What do you know about dad?"

"It was dad, and you, and me, in Idris, we were, we were in Idris, at the cabin, that first summer I was there, he named me Rose." Addy said.

"Jace what is she talking about" Clary asked.

"Our dad loved roses, he gave Addy her middle name, Rose, we called her Rosey. He gave Addy a Rose petal, that's what's in her locket. And inscribed onto the petal, was a message. 'Rosey, I love you to the end of this life, and into the next' she never takes it off" Jace said.

"That was the only thing I saw" Addy said.

"That's a side effect of the spell" Magnus said.

"How's Luke" Addy asked Clary.

"He's fine, I'm going to go talk to him, Addy, thank you so much, and I'm so sorry you got hurt"

"It's my job, you can't thank someone for doing their their job" Addy said wrapping her arms around Alec.

She nodded and left the room. "I'm still surprised you'd remember that memory" Jace said once Clary left the room.

"I'm surprised you'd think I forget," Addy smirked.

"And she's back" Magnus said.

"Thanks Bane" Addy said.

"Oh, so it turned into a last name basis now" Magnus asked laughing slightly.

"How long has it been? A year already?" Addy said

"13 months, not, that anyone's counting" Magnus said.

"Alec, can I talk to you in the kitchen?" Jace asked.

"Alec, go, I'll be fine" Addy says. Alec kissed her forehead and walked over to Jace.

"I see you've moved on" Magnus said.

"He's my best friend. And plus, you've probably moved on too" Addy said.

"I made a mistake" Magnus said.

"I guess that's what you get for dating a 300 year old bisexual warlock" Addy said.

"Way to get strait to to the point" Magnus said pouring a drink.

"I was a sixteen year old, what do you expect?" Addy asked.

"Are you and Alec, together?" Magnus asked

"It's complicated," Addy said.

"I can imagine" Magnus said.

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