the taxidermy of you and me

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he mapped his fingers out across his skin, eyes stitching together every little dent and scratch on the otherwise flawless creature laid out before him. he felt a glow upon his skin, and though he could not see it, he knew that a soft pink blush was now blotting his fair skin like ink upon a new page.

the metallic sheen on this glorious creature was undeniably alluring, and he could feel himself grow weak as the two laid sprawled across their satin kingdom. pillows were like the walls of the castle, keeping them safe from harm as they lay entangled in the sheets.

a coy smile spread across his lips then, painting an unmistakable look across his whole face - one of intense pleasure. a desire to be combined as one, no longer separated by their bodily confinements. he longed to connect himself to the other like a constellation in the night sky; be one with all the universe - his universe. his lover.

he dared not say his name.

instead, he only gently caressed his side - he remained silent through this all - and enjoyed the sensation of his cold, grey skin. he could feel it, rising inside of him and threatening to burst out, and he knew he could no longer hold back.

his tongue gently wet his pink lips, and he leaned over, deciding to playfully lick at the other. perhaps this would arouse him?

alas, no matter how he tried, he could not make the other move or speak. not as much as a playful squeak was evoked in the other as he gently grazed his tongue over his hard grey skin, or as he gently pecked at the top of his head with his lips.

he knew then was he must do. and though he knew it would cause him great pain, he would do anything to please the other.

freeing them both from their prison of sheets, he looked down longingly at his own hard member. he could feel his stomach churning at the thought of what he was about to do...but he must do it; if only for him.

he felt the cold body next to him grow warm seemingly as he thought about it, and awsten knew he was ready. he watched as the body began to glow with light and warmth, his slots ready to be filled with all that the submissive could ever be. gently, he laid a finger upon his now glowing partner, refusing to wince at the pain of his freshly burned fingers.

he slid himself into the slot as far as he possibly could, screams and moans of intense pleasure and pain blending into one as they leaked out from his tired vocal chords. sweat beads dotted his forehead, and tears blurred his already failing vision - but he was now one with his true love. his legs began to shake and his lips quiver, his screams reduced to pained whimpers and longing moans.

he wanted to burn like a sinner in hell, and by god he would.

then came the moment - just as soon as he had entered, it seemed - where his love was ready. bracing his hips, he felt himself released from the grips of his love with a satisfying 'ding!'.

his love ejaculated, and sent awsten reeling back onto the bed, ignoring the mind numbing pain in his member as the smell of smoke and burnt flesh poisoned the air around them both. he could taste it, the copper and the smoke rising and enveloping him; and though it was enough to send him into unconsciousness, he liked it. he fucking loved it. because that was just the little whore that he was...he was filthy.

the satin sheets were stained with blood and cum, and though he had been knocked out by it all, his love remained the same. unfeeling, unmoving, and ultimately silent. he had been mutilated and shamed, and his lover could not dare to move to comfort him.

for a toaster could never love a man the way the man loves a toaster.

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