Chapter 7: Princess

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               Malia's POV ( point of view)

Even though there had been some rocky points in the time spent with Liam yesterday,the good times where there to keep everything in balance. So only thinking about the positive, I climbed out of bed with a pure smile on my face.
        I opened the curtains to let the light seep in and wake myself up. I brushed my teeth, bathe and put on a green top that reads "wake up and stay dope" and a red jean trousers with a green gladiator sandal. I put a light makeup and headed downstairs.
          I greeted my mom and ate my tacos silently before going to school in my car that she gave me as a birthday gift last year.
          I did not see Liam throughout in school today  because we did not have the same timetable today . I spent all my free periods with Harnie and Mason. Yesterday Liam and I agreed to always meet at Starbucks at 5 everyday for my lesson.
          I am already sitting at Starbucks waiting for him .The time is 4:59.
        I saw him open the door to the shop and he winked at me .Everybody was looking at me and all the girls started adjusting their cloths.
         "Princess,you can see I keep to time" he said as he signalled to the waiter. He called me princess
       I mentally face palmed myself. The waiter got to our table and kept his eyes on me .

   Liam's POV
The waiter was still looking at Malia as I was ordering and I got so mad and jealous. Wait Jealous?. No I  definitely wasn't  jealous. Was I?
            He came back with he coffee and slipped a piece of paper underneath Malia's cup.
         This made me even more mad and I walked up to him and pulled him by his collar. I pulled my fist back, about to punch him when Lia yelled. Wait Lia? When did I start giving her nicknames.
          What are you doing? She  yelled as I looked over at her. I dropped my hands as I noticed everybody's eyes on me.
        "Nothing, just adjusting his collar" I said as I sat down.
         After teaching her for about an hour and a half ,we finished a topic which gave us about thirty minutes before she goes home.
           "How about we play the twenty questions game?" I asked
       "Okay, you first" She said.
  I contemplated on which approach to take .  I could either stick with simple generic questions or slightly personal questions. "What's your favorite color" 
       "Really? That is the most boring question I've ever heard" she said
     "Just answer " I deadpanned
"Green, what about you" she asked
  " Black" I said  smiling deviously

      Malia's POV
I knew he was going to say black .    Since yesterday I've noticed all his clothes are black even the helmet of his bike is black.
       "Obviously" I said as I rolled my eyes ."Favorite number?"
   "17" He replied
"Why 17 ? " I asked him while sipping from the fourth cup of coffee I have ordered today.  
       "Why not 17?" He replied sarcastically.
       "What is yours?"
"6" I said
"Cool but that sounds babyish " he replied .
       "Your turn"I said to him
He thought for about two minutes before asking
      "Why did you leave your former school?"
     I picked up my bag and packed all my books inside and I ran out of the shop in tears praying that he didn't follow me .
        "Malia, what is wrong?" At that moment I knew my prayer wasn't answered.


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