Author's Note

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Yes, that woman is me! What do you think?

Let me state the following before you read my novel:

1.       I want to thank you all for the comments, votes and most of all your time.  If you spend only a few minutes glancing over my author's note, I'm grateful. 

2.       This story is unedited. It is written in first person until the middle where it switches to third and back to first. I try not to head hop and hope you'll have a seamless ride through the story.  Please let me know otherwise. 

3.       The characters in this book are not in college nor are they under the age of 18 or just starting off in their lives. They are not perfect, they were not born heroes and did not come out of the womb with an attitude. They are all flawed and grow with the story. I notice a lot of writers seem to like unrealistic female characters with attitudes that in real life would get a door in their face. Girl, please!  Attitude comes with experience and wisdom.  

4.      This book gets into sexually explicit scenes. I didn't write this book for audiences under the age of 21.  If you choose to read this story, please keep that in mind. 

5.       I know some of you will wonder why the female lead character falls for the bad boy and will ask questions like: "why do women fall for men like this?" Stop feeding into what you think you would be like if it ever happened to you. Maybe it hasn't happened yet, maybe it will and maybe you'll fail miserably at walking away like you think you would. Bad boys will forever entice and seduce the female gender (and sometimes male) whether or not she/he is educated, wise, old, young or knows better.  It's just the way it is and will always be. I have fallen for them myself and been burned. Ouch! But oh how good the pain was going down...;) In this particular novel there are two bad boys! Yes, it's a love triangle. They are the best. 

Enjoy!  DMK

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