Chapter 8

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"Addy you alright?" Alec asked as she kicked the punching bag.

"Yeah Fine, why do you ask?" Addy asked through gritted teeth, punching the bag again.

"Because one, your stance is wrong and when you don't care about your stance it means your mind is on something else." Alec said. She stopped punching the punching bag and turned around.

"And you didn't wrap your hands so now their bleeding, way to go Addison" Alec said taking out his stele.

"I don't need an iratze" Addy said. Alec looked at her with an annoyed expression.

"Addy, you do understand your hands are going to be raw if you don't use an iratze" Alec said taking her hands.

"Fine" She said holding out her hands. He drew the rune and the blood and rawness were gone.

"Addy we need to talk about that kiss" Alec said. Addy sighed.

"You like Magnus" Addy said wrapping her hands. Alec put a shocked expression. "I saw the way you looked when he called you pretty"

"No I don't like him," Alec said.

"Yeah sure you don't, trust me, when Magnus likes something, he will get it, love or not" Addy says as she finishes wrapping her left hand and moving on to her right.

"No, Addy, i really like you, Not Magnus" Alec says

"I really like you too, but I see the way you and Magnus look at each other" Addy says. "Your gonna want him sooner or later"

"Addy, you don't understand, I don't want Magnus, I want you" Alec says.

"Alec I want you to, but what will your mom think?" Addy asked

"She loves you" Alec says taking a step closer. "She's fine with this, with us"

Addy sighed and looked up at him. She smiled. "Let's give it a try" she said "you and me"

He smiled and pulled her into a hug. "Now I'm going to take a shower and check on Clary" Addy said walking away.

"That's a good drawing" Addy said as Clary drew a perfect picture of Valentine.

"Huh? Oh thanks" Clary said. "I can't believe he's my father"

"Well mines a lunatic, my mother ran off, and my step-mother was abusive, so I know what hating your parents feel like" Addy said.

"That's awful" Clary said as Addy took a seat next to her.

"Our parents might have done some terrible things, I mean your dad caused a war, but somewhere deep down there's a place where they keep us. No matter the pain. Valentine, may be the most evilest person alive, but He still may feel some sort of emotions, he probably just wanted his wife back. But don't worry we will get your mother back" Addy said.

"Thanks" Clary said.

"What's the point of an invisibility rune if you don't silence your cell phone?" Alec asked coming behind Clary.

Alec and Addy went to go find Clary after she snuck out after Alec told her she couldn't find a box.

Clary answered her phone, as Addy looked around. 

"Yeah, meet us in the back. Where we used to meet up" Clary said and hung up. "We are meeting Simon, he's gonna help us."

"Look at all these mundanes, running around like ants, pathetic" Alec said.

"Alec, let's save those opinions for a glass of wine, right now let's focus on getting the box and leaving before anyone notices we are gone." Addy said. "Lead the way, Clary"

She lead them into an alley way behind her old loft. Simon was already there.

"Hey" Simon said giving her a hug. "W-Who are you?"He asked pointing to Addy

"The one who convinced Raphael to let you go, saved your life, sent Jace to save your friend, saving her life, and keeping her out of trouble" Addy said.

"I-I'm S-Simon" He stutters.

"I see what Izzy likes in you, I mean, your more fun to be around then Alec" Addy said "I'm Addison, you can call me Addy"

"So are we going?" Alec asked.

"Yeah I know a short cut, I used to take it back in middle school to see Clary" Simon said "you might know the ShadowWorld, but trust me, I know Brooklyn"

"Lead the way Simon, and be easy on Alec, he loves being right" Addy said smiling at Alec, who stuck a tongue out at her.

Simon jumped a fence and soon Clary followed. Alec jumped the fence, then Addy.

They climbed up a fire escape, with Alec's complaints and entered the house.

Clary gasped, the place was bare.

"Okay no time for a pity party let's get the box and leave before we get in trouble" Addy said "Lead is to your bedroom"

They went down through a narrow hallway and enters into a burnt room.

"There's nothing left of me here" Clary said

"Your mom burnt it so Valentine won't track you" Alec said "She was doing the right thing."

"Do you always have to be right?" Clary asked

"Alec's the oldest out of All of us, he thinks it's his responsibility to take care of us, and me being the youngest everyone looks out for me," Addy said

"That's cause you have a nose for trouble" Alec said

"I grew up with Micheal Wayland, I think I can handle myself" Addy said looking around the room.

"So you really are Jaces sister?" Clary asked

"No, they just took me in and I developed that brother sister relationship, so that stands for 13 years of hearing Jace brag about his undeniable good looks" Addy said smiling at the girl.

"Hey you guys, I think there's something underneath these floorboards, they sound different" Simon said getting on his knees. He pulled out the floorboards and pulled out a box.

"That's the one, that's the box" Clary said.

"Let me see" Alec said taking the box from Simon.

"Your welcome" Simon says sarcastically.

"I like you more and more, talking back to. Alec is one of my favorite things to do" Addy said smiling at Simon.

"There's only baby stuff in here" Alec said.

There was a rustling outside and Alec looked out the window.

"Stay here, Addy watch them" Alec said. Addy brought out her seraph blade. "And don't do anything stupid."



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