Week 17 (12/3- 12/9)

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This week my goal was to put a back cinch on her. She has had saddles on before just not with a back cinch. The back cinch usually does cause problems for young horses as it is a different feeling.

I chose to not be in the round pen for this either just because I wanted her to expiriance it somewhere different. She saddled up great as always and didn't react at all when I first tightened the back cinch. I asked her to walk with me and that didn't bother her either.

I then asked her to back up with a wiggle which she did fairly well and then I sent her off lunging. This is when things got interesting. She reared a few times but I just kept pushing her to trot/ canter until she calmed down. She was then allowed to stop and catch her breath. The session ended as soon as she was relaxed with the saddle going both directions.

Something I've noticed with Flicka is that she has more of a tendency to rear vs buck. This potentially could be a problem later on when I ride her. If she were to rear with me on her and went high enough she may not be strong enough to hold it and potentially could flip over. This is something I will have to be very careful about and be sure to set her up successfully to avoid this.

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