The quarry

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You yawned and woke up. 'Yes last day of school'! You hopped on your bike and rode to school not bothering with your passed out mom. When you arrived you saw glasses with his friends. You scanned them quickly and smiled and dusted your clothes off. You walked up to them and waved slightly. "Hiya" you said. "Hey dollface! Thats bill, eddie,stan,and ben!" You nodded and look at the ground. You were kinda awkward and don't want to speak much.

The bell rang and you looked up. "Well bye for now" you winked. Next thing you were in the class looking out the window. 'Did I make new friends?do I like one? Why are they all boys? Why is bowers so mean? What messed up his shit? ' Questions raced through your head. Soon enough the second bell rang and you went to your locker.

You closed your locker seeing the mullet wearing donkey. You jumped slightly, "hey there hottie.." bowers grabbed your faced towards his. "Hey ugly..." you smirked. He grabbed your wrist, "Excuse me" he growled. You flicked his chest and he stepped back as you walked off to your next class.

~time skip~

You arrived at the quarry which you had found, seeing the boys standing at the edge. You called out "I'll go" as a girl arrived behind you saying the same thing. You grabbed her hand and jumped. "Sissies!" we hit water and I heard. "What the fuck!" "LANGUAGE" the boys laughed and plopped down one by one.

You splashed in the water and laughed. Richie came behind you and lifted you up. You laughed and jumped off of him into the cool water. You sighed and started floating on your back peacefully. All of a sudden you felt something grab you foot and you gasped kicking at it. You opened you eyes and heard someone groan. Richie popped out of the water holding his broken glasses.

You laughed a bit and grabbed his empty hand. "Here let me help." You took him on the land and in your bag it had a roll of tape. You taped them together and put them on him. "There" you said and shared a goofy smile with him.

Soon you and as you now knew Beverly were tanning on the rocks. You sighed and had your eyes closed with sunglasses on. You noticed the boys eyes roaming your soaked bodies. You could only imagine what they were thinking and you subtly nudged bev.

She noticed and you both turned over in sync and they looked away. You sat up and slid your sunglasses down ruffling your hair. Richie spoke "so why did you have the random tape in your bag?"

You smirked "for the people I kidnap." You joked. The boys eyes widened and you and Bev laughed. They caught on and nervously laughed. You rolled your eyes and shook your head as you got up. You ran back into the water and their eyes followed you.

You splashed around for hours afterward. "I gotta go bye guys!" You knew your mom didn't give a fuck but wanted to go home anyways, you were tired. You waved bye and hopped on your bike. "B-bye y/n" bill said first and stan said bye next. Eddie and Richie kinda looked peeved. The rest of the group said bye.

As you were riding off you saw bowers. He grabbed your bike and threw it and picked you up. "You will learn you don't mess with me" I rolled my eyes and kicked him and dropped to the ground. "Aw c'mon that's no way to treat a lady" you shrugged before punching him.

Bowers flew back onto the ground groaning, seeing little stars. You grabbed your bike and rode off towards your home.

Bowers pov wowie

I saw...her.

My eyes inflated.

No, I don't love.

I want to kill her.

I will kill her.

Wow, she did it

She awesome


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