A New Year's Walk - End

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She turns to unlock her bike, but after she kneeled to get the lock, she froze for a moment and stood up, not saying a word.

                “Eloise?” I ask “Are you okay?” she turned to face me, with a sad look on her face.

“I lost it” she answers “I lost my keys”

“Well it couldn’t be far right? It should be around here somewhere” so we start looking. Throughout the café, under tables and chairs, we asked Mike to help, but ultimately, we found nothing.

“I guess I’ am walking” she says, as we walk out the door, defeated.

She goes ahead and starts walking. However, just then, before she got far, I notice several small specks of white, falling from the heavens.

“Snow!” she yells, as specks of white fall from the heaven, truly a rare enough sight around here. “The first snowfall of the year” she adds.

“Pretty ain’t it?” I ask.

“You bet it is” she extends an open palm, catching some snowflakes in her hand. She stares it quite intently, mouth agape, perhaps at fascination.

She was cute in her own little way.

I avert my eyes for a moment, behind her was the brilliant, orange sun, starting to rise from behind the horizon, signaling the start of the new day, Eloise turns her head and looks on as well.

We both stood there, being bathed in the early morning glow. I walk up next to her.

“I’ll go with you” I say “I’ll accompany you home”

“N-no” she was surprised, but she managed to respond “Th-that won’t be necessary, I’ve messed up your schedule enough.” She then started sprinting away.

“You know you can’t stop me” I catch up “You know I won’t stop bugging you” I echo her exact, or maybe not one hundred percent exact, words.

                A small smile grew on her face, she then pulls up her hood, I do the same, as the snow was getting thicker.

We started walking the way we came. It was slow, the snow kind of impeded us, but it was enjoyable. Getting even a bit more time to spend with Eloise.

But all good things must come to an end, and we reach our destination.

“This is it” she says as she turns the corner, on the opposite side of the intersection to my house. “Time to go on our different paths”

“Yeah, but it was fun wasn’t it?”

“Yeah it was…”

She starts walking away, however, before she gets too far, she stops, and turns to face me, and I guess for the last time, I see her face, and those pale blue eyes.

“Bye Nathan, thanks for everything”

I stood there, until she was out of sight. I don’t know why, but I did. And now she was gone, beyond the light snow and the sunlight. I turn and walk towards home.

I had a quite a bit of road to walk. But finally I reach home.

I didn’t want to get in yet, so I sit on the bench in our yard. Alone.

I’ve nothing to do but think. About Eloise. She cherished physical contact, she wanted to be comforted, and she accepted help. She was confident, and carried herself well, she was social and was capable of being friendly to stranger. I could only wish I was like that.


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