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I wasn't sure what it was with me and my old friend, death. 

Maybe death was obsessed with me, following me like a lost puppy. Or, death was simply one fucking sadistic bastard.

Whatever it was, death wanted me around. He had somehow chosen me as his companion in the familiar setting of loss and grief. Who was I kidding? Wherever I went, he followed. I was probably one of the best candidates to clean up after him. To be there to pick up the pieces he left behind.

I glanced at Evelyn, silent and solemn on my passenger seat. As we tore through the afternoon traffic, I prayed. I prayed after what felt like forever. I prayed that death would leave her alone. I knew he didn't follow any rules. I hoped he'd bend some today and spare this one life. I couldn't imagine the life beyond. She wouldn't be able to survive this.

I swerved into the hospital's parking and ran around to pull her out of her seat. She hadn't said one word since the dreadful phone call about the accident. When I started pulling her towards the double doors, she planted her feet on the ground, pulling at my hand. I shuddered when I turned to find her smiling up at me. "Calm down, Addie. Jase will be fine. He has promised he'll always be with me," she said calmly, her beautiful hazel eyes vacant.

I started walking pulling her with me, unable to form a word, neither of comfort, nor of truth.

As we neared the ICU, the first thing that hit me was the eerie silence. The place was still and cold. There was no rush to save a life, no prayers to the lord. No - it was the feel of a place that had already given up. I could only hope that we weren't too late.

Jason's elder sister, Carol, was slumped in a corner, cradling her pregnant belly. Her husband had his arms around his aged in-laws. Carol scrambled up when she saw us, and rushed forward. "Evie!" she cried, throwing her arms around the younger girl.

Evelyn pulled back swiftly, the eerie smile still plastered across her face, "Please don't cry, Cary. He'll be fine. How's Alyssa?"

The calm in her voice was unnerving. It was the silence before a hurricane.

Carol trembled, and wiped her tears, "Alyssa is still in OT, but Jason -

"Sweetie, he is waiting for you. Come on," Jason's mom pulled Evie away before Carol could complete her sentence. They stopped outside the white door, and the older woman kissed the back of Evelyn's hand, "Oh honey, you have to be strong. The doctors say it's a miracle but you know how stubborn he can be." She touched Ev's face tenderly, pushing her hair back with trembling fingers. "He won't go without seeing you," she added in a hoarse whisper.

My insides churned at the sight. I had never seen someone so strong in my life.

I rushed forward when Evie pulled away from the crumpling woman harshly, "Jason is not going anywhere, Ruth. Do you understand me? He just got here and I'm not letting him go!" she said sternly, her voice rising with every word.

Ruth's strong demeanor crumbled and she looked up at me pleadingly. Blinking back my tears, I squeezed her hand. "Please, take her to him." she whispered pleadingly. "He needs her to be there."

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