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  Dear Lords and Ladies,

Thanks for choosing this book! I know you are looking for some Lambrose after waiting for wednesdays to come, and I hope to not disappoint you! These oneshots (which I love to stretch out over two to three chapters, so I don't know why am I calling them oneshots in the first place, but anyways) have been the results of my continuous daydreaming in Ambrosian world (Royalwoods441, I don't know why you wanted this, but you are weird after all😉), so I hope you enjoy!

  Also, vote, comment, feedback and if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to PM me anytime!

  Please don't try to copy any of my oneshot ideas, and you shall be spared from my fiery wrath! JK! But still, no plagiarism please, and I too will follow the same rule.

Have a nice day!

Yours truly,

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