I Tried

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"Ryan I'm sorry," I started to say as my father walked away. I grabbed his arm and looked him in the eye. I didn't want to hurt him. He was my friend, you don't hurt friends.

"I know what you have to do. It's not your fault."  He turned away from me preparing himself.

I frowned and walked to a corner fixing my ponytail and adjusting everything so I was comfortable. The whole training group had gathered spread in a circle around the arena. Their stares trailed on me and then to Ryan.

My father stepped out and started to tell us the rules. I blocked him out and took the time to prepare my wolf.

This isn't right.

I know, but we have to, for Ryan's safety and ours. I'm giving this fight to you. I'm too weak.

We both know you are, I will take over when I need to and once you gain control of yourself I'll leave, good luck out there.

Good luck to us.

"Shifting a permitted, Besides that you know the rules, you may begin." With that my father returned to his spot, the perfect view to watch.

I looked at Ryan who had already shifted, I followed in suit. Our wolves were almost equal in height. I was barely a couple inches taller. My wolf was almost white, I had a few black freckles on my face which were barely noticeable unless you were up close, and a black sock on my front leg.

It was embarrassing to say the least, to almost be beautiful. To nearly be pure and flawless, but what my father fails to realize nothing is perfect. Ryan's wolf was a dusty brown, reddish tints on his face and underbelly. White on his toes, it was quite pretty. I had always enjoyed his wolf and now I was gonna hurt it.

I attacked first, for fear of taking a defensive route and my father being angry. I remember the last time I took a defensive fighting type, his fist was hard against my jaw and his shouts were burned in my head.

Ryan dodged my lunge and snap at his back legs and growled back at me. He snapped at my front paw and I grabbed his ear with my teeth. I heard him yelp as I yanked on it and he flipped. I felt blood in my mouth along with something else. I opened my mouth to drop a piece of his ear on the mat.

I'm not supposed to hurt innocent people.

Stop, either you fight or you die.

I can't hurt friends.

You just did, and you can.

I didn't reply, I looked at my father who was smiling at me. I felt fire in my stomach, anger. I turned to Ryan and growled. He growled back and lunges at my side, I dodged and grabbed his chest with my teeth.

His yelp was now music to my ears instead of the gates of Hell. I threw him to the ground and he back struck the mat at an awkward angle. He let out a mumbled growl, and but lay there for a second before getting up.

Kill him


You're father won't be happy if that is how you leave him.

I shook my head and stalked over to him. My head went to his front leg and I dug my teeth into it, he howled and squirmed under the pressure. Once I felt the bone give to the pressure I let go. He jumped up and whimpered, he put no pressure on that leg. I felt bed for a second but my wild nature was starting to take over. I looked to my father who smiled, I felt anger in my stomach, the burning of fire. I was mad at him and I took it out on a friend, I was playing into his hand.

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