Chapter One

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"Emily get up!" Bryson yelled from the kitchen. I groaned flipping over again. I hate Monday's. It was truly the worst day to ever exist.

I flipped over ready to pick myself up but smacked down to the ground. I groaned loudly at the pain I was greeted. I got up and grabbed a pillow and marched out my room. I smacked Bryson with the pillow.

"Ow! What was that for? You made me drop my waffle!" He exclaimed and I grinned at the bonus. I went to my bathroom and started getting ready for work. I turned on my music and took a shower.

There was banging on my door. "Shut up before we get evicted!" He yelled and I laughed. Bryson is my ex, but most importantly my best friend. I will forever love him, even though our relationship didn't work. He plans on moving out of our apartment soon because he and his girlfriend are wanting to find space for themselves to start off their life together. I completely understood and thought nothing of it. There was no jealousy or anger between us.

I stepped out the shower wrapping a towel around my body and started on my makeup. Which consisted of doing my eyebrows, lipstick, and mascara. I dried off and put a white silk blouse, paired with my black pantsuit. I put on a simple necklace with diamond stud earrings.

I was going to be late. I had a meeting that was last minute with my boss. He texted me and said I had an urgent meeting. I slipped on my pumps and grabbed my purse and took off. I yelled bye to Bryson, and Jen before I took off. I stopped and got Mr. Jones and I coffee.

I was Mr. Jones personal secretary. I do filing, and basically run errands for him. I also do anything he doesn't want to do. I was perfect for the job. Fresh out of college, and needed a job that would pay for the loans I have made. I was in debt but it was worth it to see my mom smile before she passed from cancer in the throat. They smile on her face said a lot since she couldn't talk.

I pulled up to Jones Law firm. It ranked in the top ten law firms in America. He was a very successful man inheriting the company from his father Mr. Jones. He also has made top man to own a successful organization and business under 40. He was of course 32, with a fiancé Gigi Lovett. Samantha was a model, she tours Europe a lot but she has been around the job lately.

I hope she wasn't jealous of me because she was a lot prettier than me, and had the perfect body. I noticed she always studying my every move which made me self conscious, and it intimidated me.

I rushed inside and Samantha smirked at me. "Your late. He has called for you five minutes ago. He didn't sound very happy." She informed me.

"I got coffee, and a muffin." I said and hitting the elevator button. I got up and went to his office. I rushed in and Mr. Jones sat in his chair pinching the bridge of his nose, while Gigi sat there typing on her phone. "I am so sorry I am late. I got you your favorite coffee and a muffin." I said setting them in front of him. "I didn't know you were coming but you can have mine." I offered to Gigi.

"No thanks." She said waving it away. I shrugged and I took a sip.

"Your late." Mr. Jones said.

"I know, I am so sorry. It won't happen again." I said and looked around. Where were the other people who were supposed to be here. "Is the meeting over?"

"No it's about to start. Take a seat." He said. He opened a file and I saw my name on it. "I have a profile of your health. It shows an almost perfect record. No health issues." He said, and I was confused. "I have a question for you. Gigi can't get pregnant, and I know this is a lot to think about. Would you mind being her surrogate."

"As in holding her baby for her?"

"Yes. I want you to get pregnant for me, and than after the baby is delivered you hand it over with no hassle. You can visit the baby until the age of six. I will become the mother once it is born." Gigi said explaining everything out.

"I...." I said caught off guard with this knowledge. I didn't know what to say.

"You will get paid obviously. 500 thousands when you give birth but also get paid extra during the pregnancy. Of course if you agree to be our surrogate than there will be rules you will have to follow. Sign documents. Doctor trips to go to." Mr. Jones said looking at me. I couldn't even meet his eyes. I just was lost, and confused.

"I hope you agree. I would love to hold my baby. I really want one." Gigi said and that added on to the stress.

If I do agree than Icould pay off my debt. I could buy my own place. The cons were my first child wouldn't even be my own to keep and love. If I agree than Gigi would be happy to have her own child. She could be the mother she wants to be. It would be doing a great deed.

"I....I will do it." I said looking up.

"Thank you so much Emma." Gigi spoke.

"Emily." I corrected and she didn't seem to care. "No publicity. I don't want to be out or known to the public."

"Of course." Mr. Jones said agreeing to my commands. He stood and grabbed my coffee from my hands before I could take a sip. "No caffeine, no drugs, alcohol, or be around anyone who smokes. You will be moving into our home. Less junk food. A proper diet. Also no working." He said. "Since you agreed early I will schedule a doctors appointment. Since Gigi is about to start modeling again I will be at every doctors appointment. Try to be early tomorrow." He said.

"I have to work. Moving?" I said. "Let me work until....four months."

"Fine. That rule changes unless you are sick, or ordered for bed rest of course." He said and it got quiet and he called the doctor for the appointment. "Thank you." He said hanging up. "Appointment is at seven."

"In the morning!" I exclaimed. "That's too early than I can't have my coffee."

"You are single right?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said feeling conscious.

"Great, for the remainder of this pregnancy you are to remain. No sexual behavior."

I was allowed to leave. I went home to my apartment. "Bryson! Are you here?"

"Yes, I am in the living room working." He said and I went to the kitchen and grabbed Debby cakes. "What's with He lone face?" He asked looking up as I sat next to him.

"I am getting pregnant." I said, and opened the packaging restricting me from scarfing it down.

"Your getting pregnant! No way. Who is this guy?" He asked.

"It's for my boss Mr. Jones, and his fiancé Gigi. She can't get pregnant and they asked me for help. I could say no. She wants to be a mother so badly. I'm getting paid still but with an increase, but when I give birth I am getting 500 thousand. I can pay off my debt." I said.

"Emily you can't get pregnant." He said.

"I'm going to be a surrogate, and give them the baby. It's nothing."

"Your getting pregnant Emily. That is something. You can't just throw away your first baby by giving it up. This is something you need to think about." He said.

"Bryson please. This is a good deed. I already agreed, and tomorrow I go to the doctors to get it done. They want their first child and I am here to help provide for them and help them achieve that dream." I said and stood. "I want you to be happy with the choices I chose Bryson. I want you to approve, and be happy for your best friend. I need you to be happy and support me through this pregnancy. I am going to bed. Soon I will be moving out because he wants to monitor. I hope you can come over and be there for me." I said and left the room.

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