chapter 2

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The episode starts with shivaay warning kapoors .

Mrs. Kapoor :we came for revenge?


Mrs. Kapoor :my husband Mr. Raj Kapoor he worked in your chemical factory as a manager .you people murdered him and made it as an accident .we want revenge for his death that's why we came in your life

Tia:anika found that I am having affair she tried to prove it

Neel:but you escaped very smartly listen we are leaving you alive it doesn't mean we forgave you if you 3 mother and daughter again came in front of her I won't hesitate to empty my gun in your head

Oberios were held schoked by hearing this conversation just then anika enters with sahil akash and avni

Seeing neel and ranveer anika try to run but akash holds her hand and avni block her way

Anika and Oberios looked puzzled ranveer comes there and hugs akash and took sahil in his arms neel comes there and hugs akash and kisses avni

Anika:can some one tell me what is going on here

Neel:Avni is my girlfriend and Akash is her elder brother we asked them to stay with you for your safety now stop looking for way to runaway there is no way you can run

Just then a man came there and says sir car is ready

Neel:now get into the car

Anika doesn't move from her place

Neel shouted:anu don't test my patience get into the car

Anika become scared

Dadi:why she has to come with you people

Ranveer :because she is Anika Mehata .our younger sister only girl of mehata family

All the Oberios were held schoked by this news

Kapoors understood why the mehata brothers warned them

Just then Ranveer phone rings he attends the call and says bhai we have to go to office and we can't take her there


Avni:dont worry neel I will take care of her

Neel nodded his head and put sahil down and sayswe will be back in an hour . he turns towards anika and says don't you dare to plan to run away my guards are around this house one wrong move from you nobody will be wores than me do you get it

Anika nodded her head

After they went anika gave a death glare to avni and akash

Shivaay :i need an explanation from you before that I need to do something he called someone after sometimes police arrived and arrested the kapoors

Everybody is sitting in the hall

Anika:my full name is anika mehata. I have 3 elder brothers Abhimanyam ,Neel and Ranveer .Mehata group of companies is ours Abhi bhai is the chairman Neel bhai is vice chairman and Ranveer bhai is the vice president and CEO .Anu textiles. Anu glass factory. Anu construction. Anu transport is also a part of mehata company

Rudra:anika di who is anu

Anika:my nick name is Anu.My mother died during my birth my father died at the age of 5.After that my brothers start to take care of me for my brothers I am their world they never want a small scratche on me so they never let me go out I have been home schooled I am was being home colleged they will take me out when they go out otherwise I will be locked in the house they will go out when I pressurized them to take me out they will attend business parties they will take me if they find there is nothing wrong with the person who attend the part though I love my brothers I don't want to be locked in the house so I run away from home I want to live a normal life like others.

Anika is back to mehata mansion

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