Chapter 14

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I used to think that I got an annoyingly high level of attention, that was until I travelled with Jake Turner. Each and every facial movement, every hand gesture was observed; when he smiled, when he laughed, there were always people watching, ESPECIALLY when he put his arm around me. I tried not to frown too evidently, in any other setting I would have loved him touching me in every way possible, however when boarding a tiny plane that didn't even have room for first class this was not the case. It only amplified their stares and increased their whispers, and I swear that more than a few times I heard the name "Katherine" being mentioned.

Regardless, Jake acted completely normal, well I suppose as normal as any Hollywood star used to sipping champagne and reclining on a chair with his shoes off can act in the tiny budget space that was economy could. Jake was frowning at the seat in front of us. After a while I heard him speak "Um...Vanessa...embarrassing question do I make the TV pop up?"

"The what?" I said looking in front of him at the bland white leather.

"The Television" he continued.

"I know what a TV is moron" I paused for a moment "If you're asking where the tv is, there isn't one. There usually aren't in economy planes this size"

"Wow" he said, his blue orbs widening "So...what do people do?"

"Talk, read, sleep" I gestured to a middle-aged man softly snoring in a seat across the passage from us.

"Kiss?" he asked, smirking a little and moving in closer.

"Nah uh!" I said a bit too loudly. I did not want to be hit with a brick by the nearest tween out of jealously . Jake seemed hurt. I sighed. "I'd love too but...for the sake of my safety I think we should make a rule about PDA. As in limit non-existence".

"Okay" he said in understanding "as long as it's a safety thing and not a case of me having horrible breath" and there it was, that magical boyish smirk again.

"Never" I smiled back at him trying to display in it every emotion a kiss would have given off. "Well...maybe". And so we laughed, and we talked, and we laughed as we always did until to Jake's relief, I thought, we reached Johannesburg where a bigger plane was waiting for us and with it all the amenities that first class did have.

"You know, I enjoy being with you so much that you being surrounded by things that might distract you from me really isn't that much of a relief" Jake said. And again, I smiled.

 And again, I smiled

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