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I wake up, feeling his warmness next to me, so I look at his face, smiling. He's sleeping like a baby; his lips slightly parted, his face relaxed and he's softly snoring.

I snuggle up closer to him and put my leg over his torso, and my head on his shoulder. I can't help but wish he was slightly softer; it'd be much more comfortable to lay on than all this hard muscle.

Curiously, I let my hand slowly travel around Harry's torso, feeling his muscles through the shirt he's wearing.

The change in his body is obvious. Sure, he was muscular before, but not nearly how he is now.

Shamelessly, I slowly lift his shirt up, revealing his sculpted stomach. He's the father of my child, I have all the right to investigate his body.

His stomach holds a perfect six-pack, almost foreign to see on his body. I slowly travel through them with the tips of my fingers, trying not to wake him up.

He's so hot.

Did he really mean what he said yesterday? That I'm his future wife?

It'd be a dream come true for me, getting to spend each day of my life with him, for the rest of my life.

However, I think he just said that in anger. He's not the kind of a person that would get married, I think.

Suddenly, I hear a soft groan next to my ear. I move my head back a little so I can look up at my hot... Whatever he is to me. He's squinting his eyes and lifting his head up a bit to look at me. His hair is a complete mess and yet, he looks better than a Greek god.

This could turn into a problem now that he's famous.

"What are you doing?" he rasps and I blush. "Nothing."

He sighs and lets his head fall back on the pillow. "Go lower."

I blush even harder and remove my hand. Not that I think it's disgusting, because it's the opposite but... He's just so blunt and I never know what to do.

He chuckles and turns me around, climbing on top of me all in one motion. "Not that brave anymore, huh?" he asks and I bite my lip, shrugging.

He only stares at me for a moment before shaking his head. "Fucking hell, you're so hot. Everyone will want you when you appear in the news and all as my ... Girlfriend." he says the word as quietly as possible, like he wishes it wasn't there.

Does he not want me to be his girlfriend?

Offended, I frown. "I don't have to be your girlfriend if you don't want me to be."

He groans loudly at my words. "No arguing now, please. Look what you've done to me. I can't discuss shit right now." he rubs his member against me at his words to show me that he's ready.

I gasp again as he rubs directly at my spot and Harry looks me in the eyes. "I've waited for this for so long." he breathes out and then, his lips are on mine.

At first, his lips feel like the softest thing possible, like something I've been craving for a few months, like home. Something sweet, calm, familiar and something I'd never want to end.

And then it changes.

Fire creeps into the space between our lips, and the kiss that felt like home changes into a need, a need that needs to be filled now. I bury my hands into his curls and press him as close as possible to myself, and he bites my lip, almost hard enough to draw blood. He basically forces my mouth open and he sneaks his hand around my neck, holding me in the position he wants me to be in.

His tongue brushes against mine and I feel like I could fly up to heaven. As our tongues dance, so do our bodies. He uses his other free hand to spread my legs as far as possible and he grinds himself against me, two layers of clothing separating us.

Each time his hard member grinds himself against me, I want him more. His hand, which is spreading my legs open for him, leaves my knee and slowly traces towards my centre, where his fingers behind circling around me.

"Missed me?" he asks with a smirk when I gasp as he pinches me. I don't reply, instead, I just watch him lift my shirt up and attach his mouth to my right nipple, massaging the left one.

I throw my head back when he softly bites my nipple. "Because I sure as fuck missed you." he says and begins to travel downwards to join his hand at my intimate part.

He tucks his fingers into my panties and slowly pulls them down my legs.

"Don't fucking close your legs for me." he growls when I instinctively put my knees together, and forcefully spreads them apart, looking and observing my most delicate parts, and it's almost like I can feel his eyes touching me.

I gasp when his mouth attaches to myself, his tongue circling my spot. "I know I should take more time for this-" he says, and pushes his finger inside me, sucking on me for a second"-but I'm way too impatient for that."

When his words are out, he climbs up to me, gives me a quick peck on the lips and says:"Hope you're ready."

The moment his words are out, he's as deep inside me as he can be.

I'd cry out if his hand wasn't on my mouth. "Shh, your mum is only a few meters away, baby." he says and nibbles on my earlobe, pushing inside and out of me.

"Fuck, you feel so good." he rasps. "This is just another good part of you being pregnant; we don't have to use the condom."

I only manage to mumble something in reply, my thoughts too invaded by him to be actually able to think.

It's needless to say that we didn't last long; maybe three minutes. This was just too good to be able to make it last longer.

"I love you." I breathe out when we both lay on the bed, spent.

"And I love you." he says, looking into my eyes.


So it turns out I'm three times busier this holiday than I thought I'd be, so I apologize for not updating this story or Stuck. :(

I have a conflict guys. Should I finish this story with this book, and end it when they move to London, OR should I make a third book with their child and Harry's fame?

What do you think?

Love, love, love and happy holidays, Trish!💜

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