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Empty. She was nowhere to be found.

Hyunjin searched thoroughly for her, but she was no where in his visions. He had looked everywhere, but he just failed to find any traces of her. Frustrated, but he didn't stop.

Left and right, he looked around, his focus was only one. He had to find her, he didn't get the chance to tell her what he had been keeping. He didn't realise time was running, he was late.

He failed to stop the upcoming, he failed to save her. His last view was only the snow, bleeding.

——— ☾———

Hyunjin gasped, inhaling as much air as he could. He felt suffocated, it was repeating. He had the same dream, no nightmare. It was like a loop, on repeat each day. However, he kept it to himself. He never told anyone, not even Maru.

Maru, on the other hand acted a bit odd than before. She was very defensive of herself, but Hyunjin took that as something normal as he did hurt her in a way before.

However, Hyunjin could not fail to notice that her tone seemed different than usual. It sounded, melancholic. She was sad.

For what, he couldn't bring himself to ask.

——— ☾———

"Do you know what colour I like the most?"


"How'd you know?" She asked, a big smile formed on her face. She seemed curious, like a child. "It's obvious." Hyunjin grinned, looking over his shoulders. "Are you done yet?" Maru called. "Not quite." He answered.

Hyunjin specifically told her to close her eyes or look the other way while he prepared a surprise for her. He came across a thought that she might feel lonely if he couldn't continue to keep her company one day. Other than the nightingale he gave her, there was another 'friend' she could always make herself.

"All done." He exhaled, satisfied with his own craft. The sculpture was white, it was large and tall, almost as tall as her. It looked cute and naive, innocent just like his first impression of Maru. The sculpture resembled her a lot, other than a nightingale.

"Don't open your eyes yet." Hyunjin said as he saw her excitedly turned around with her eyes wide open. Maru then closed her eyes again with both of her hands, but he knew better that she was peeking.

Hyunjin walked over to her and closed her eyes from her back with his own palms. They walked step by step towards the new 'friend' Hyunjin prepared for her. "Alright, ready?" His voice rang from behind her.

"You can open them now." He said as he removed his hands from her eyes, she did as told and looked in front of her. She kept quiet, the 'friend' in front of her was as tall as her. It had a smile on its face, which seemed so calming and invulnerable. It looked nothing like a human being but yet it resembled so much.

However, the brown colour of its arms was funny. They were oddly thin, most probably because its body was very large. Yet, the most inevitable one was its nose. The colour was vibrant, and it was almost too impossible to miss it.

"What is it?" Maru asked, she hadn't realise she had been staring at it for so long. Upon hearing her question, Hyunjin was thrilled to find out that his guess was correct, she didn't know what it was.

"It's a snowman." He answered giddily as he walked next to her. "It's adorable!" She exclaimed walking closer to the snowman, wanting to touch it. Hyunjin placed his hand on top of hers as he pushed them closer to touch the snow.

"The snowman is made from snow, it's not alive." He said and released his hold on her. Maru traced her fingers on the snowman's face, touching the stones made as its lips, the sticks as its arms and the carrot as its nose. She was absorbed on knowing more about it.

"But, it can die."

Before she could even ask, a sudden snowball came to the snowman's face, causing the carrot to fall off the snowman. It had no nose anymore. Maru's eyes rounded, the face was distorted. It was enough to surprise her. She crouched down and picked up the carrot, dumbfounded on how to fix it.

When she was about to ask for assistance, it was her turn to get hit by a snowball. She felt the iciness on her face as she turned to looked who did it. Obviously it was none other than the guy in front of her. She threw the carrot instead towards him.

Unfortunately for her, Hyunjin was fast enough to avoid it. Again, he hit her with another snowball to the head. Maru aimed a snowball to him again, but yet she failed for the second time.

"For a girl like you, you sure are weak at snowball fight." He teased, and scrunched her nose in disagreement. If she couldn't throw a snow at him, she would just have to shove his face in it. She yelled at him before running after him.

They were running and screaming by the mountainside freely as everyone else were fast asleep to their dreamlands. They felt joy, and much happiness spending time with one another. They can behave like they always wanted to, there was no one to tell them the other.

Hyunjin was so focused on avoiding from getting caught he hadn't realise a log in front of him causing him to trip and fell. What was much reckless was when Maru hadn't realise that as well and fell on top of him. It didn't stop there, they suddenly slid down the snow as they were on a steep sledge.

Luckily, it wasn't a tall sledge when they finally came to a stop at the other side of the mountain. Just as Maru was about to get up from him, she noticed that he still had his arms encircled around her waist. "What are y-"

"No more running, let's just stay here." He said, running out of breath from all those thrilling experiences. His eyelids were closed, as if he wanted to sleep but why won't he release her?

Maru squirmed in his hold, trying to get up from him but he was just too strong for her. He sure was strong for someone who was sleeping. Giving up, she laid her head on top of his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Maru could tell that her heart was beating rapidly, she thought it was from all the adrenaline, but she knew better it was racing because of him.

She took a peek and tilted her head up, caught herself staring at his face. He looked tranquil and calm, as if he was enjoying his sleep. She felt guilty, as if all this time she had taken his rest from him, forcefully. She felt selfish, for wanting him so badly.

Maru stretched her hand, to touch his face. She thought that by doing so she might had the courage to tell him everything he had to know, but then she felt guilty, she felt awful. She was a horrible person and she could never bring herself to tell him that. She didn't want Hyunjin to know the ugly truth about her. Maru rested her head on him again, she hoped that she could keep him forever by her side.

——— ☾———

Hyunjin woke up only to find himself on his bed, as usual. He recalled what the two of them did yesterday and wanted to bury himself in the snow.

He felt deadly embarrassed of his move towards her, pfft lying together on the snow. It was embarrassing, although he had to admit he liked being that close with her but nonetheless he felt like a fool.

As he pulled his blanket away from him, he noticed that a part his coat was damp. He was completely aware that Maru was lying on top of him and only a small part of the collar was damp. Had she been crying? He thought, if so, his assumptions of her her facing a problem was true after all.

——— ☾———

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