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Mage's POV

It's my 18th birthday today and I'm so excited. I'll get to bond with my parents today.

I did my daily morning routine and headed downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning. Breakfast is almost done dear, Sit down and i'll prepare the table." Nana said.

"Good morning Nana, wait where's mom and dad?" I asked.

"Uh, they said that they have an urgent meeting with some client today, here, they left a note for you." Nana said with a sad voice while handing me an envelope.

"But it's my birthday today? And it's my 18th birthday. They promised to me that we'll have a family day today." I argued while opening it.


Happy 18th Birthday! Sorry we aren't there for your birthday and sorry for breaking our promise again. There's an urgent meeting. We're really sorry hun. Use the credit card that is in the envelope. Spend how much you want and hang out with your friends. We Love You and Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your day. Take Care and be a good girl with your friends. Again, Happy Birthday. xx



Why is it so hard for them to spend a day with me? Just one day? I really hate my life. And spend a day with fake friends? no no.

I am about to head upstairs when Nana called my name.

"Yes?" I asked while facing her.

"Understand your parents situation hun, They are doing this for you." She explained sweetly.

"For me?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes for you, You'll undestand all of this someday." She said.

"No, I don't want to understand Nana. This? This whole thing they're doing? These are not for me. I don't want any of this." I said and she didn't responded.

"I don't want fake friends and I don't want expensive jewelries. I just want a simple life. Nana, I know that you really understand me." I said calmly and then walked upstairs to my room.


It has been three hours, three long hours. All I did was stare at the ceiling and think think think.

*Ring* *Ring* I looked at the caller ID and saw the name 'Tyler' I pressed the answer button and,

"Hello? What do you want?" I asked irritatedly.

"Nothing, I just want to check on you." He said sweetly.

"Oh please. Just tell me what you want. Don't act goody goody and all. I already knew the deal that you've made with my parents. Don't worry, I won't tell them that I have red your conversation." I said.

"What deal? What are you talking about?" He asked innocently.

"Tyler, I'm not that dumb you know? Don't act like you don't know anything. Goodbye." I said.

"Mage, No, Wait. Okay, I've made a deal with them, You're right. But please, hear me first." He pleaded.

"Why do you think that i want to hear your fucking explanation? Don't worry, Dad will still pay you. I thought that this thing we have is real, I thought that you really love me but I was wrong. Very, very wrong." I said irritatedly.

"Mage, I Love You. Yes I've made a deal with your parents but I really love you. Yes, I didn't love you at first but Mage, I Love You now and this is the present. Don't trash our relationship just because of something that is not that big of a deal." He said hopeful-like.

"Not a big deal? Wow. And this whole thing? This is not a relationship, this is what you called relationshit." I said bluntly.

"Oh come on? Did I ever cheated on you? Did you saw me with another girl? No, right?" He asked.

"No but that's not the point Tyler. Even if we turn the world upside down, you're still wrong. You just used me for money and I hate you." I said deadpanned.

"I didn't used you for money!! I Love You Mage." He pleaded.

"You only love me for money Tyler. You could've reject my parent's offer but you didn't. Let's stop this nonsense, I'm not that desperate you know. I'll just tell my parents to pay you even if we already broken up. You already ruined what we have. Bye." I said bluntly.

And then I hanged up. It's already clear to me, I saw their whole conversation. He said that, he will never love me, hell he even asked my parents to raise the money that my parents are giving him. That's it. It's time for me to go away from this place, a place full of pretentious people.