Calm The Fire: 48

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Walking down the steep dirt track which led from their hiding place they all slowly made their way down. Even from this distance the beauty and simplicity of their destination could be seen. Peace, all that could be heard was the rushing and bubbling of the clear waterfalls as they fell against the cliff faces and into the clear water which surrounded them.

Walking across a simple bridge, the water flowed freely underneath, this bridge led to a small circular space. A stone stair case was at one end, a few figures were already standing there.

“Mithrandir.” A calming voice spoke, a brown haired Elf slowly descended the stairs. He looked warmly to Gandalf as a small smile appeared on his features.

“Ah, Lindar,” Gandalf addressed the Elf before him.

Looking to Dwalin, Thorin quickly looked back to the conversing pair in front of them. He didn't know what they were saying due to never fully learning the Elven language. “Stay sharp.” He said while looking quickly to Náriel. Of course she knew what they were speaking. He was tempted to ask her to act as translator.

“I must speak with Lord Elrond,” Gandalf said seriously.

“Lord Elrond is not here,” Lindar said casually.

“Not here?” Gandalf repeated. “Where is he?” As if to answer, the haunting sounds of horns could be heard echoing through the peaceful woodland space. They were the same horns from earlier on. Gandalf merely smiled lightly, sighed and turned to watch the oncoming riders approach.

Naturally not everyone was as casual about the oncoming Elves. The Dwarves went on the defensive and opted to stand close together as the horses approached them and the riders looked down at them simply.


“Lord Elrond,” Gandalf looked up at the one Elf he was searching for. After a quick exchange in Elrond's native language, Gandalf frowned lightly.

“It is strange for Orcs to come so close to our borders,” Elrond said simply while walking past Gandalf and stopped in front of Lindar. “Something, or someone has drawn them near.” Elrond said while simply glancing at the group, who were still standing very much together.

“Ah, well, that may have been us.” Gandalf said as casually as possible.

Thorin pushed out of the ranks and slowly walked closer. Elrond tilted his head to the side simply and looked down at him. “Welcome Thorin, son of Thrain.”

“I do not believe we have met.” Thorin replied while looking up at him sceptically.

Elrond merely looked Thorin up and down before giving a small smile. “You have your grandfather's bearing. I knew Thror when he ruled under the Mountain.”

“Really? He never mentioned you.” Thorin said simply. He frowned lightly though when Elrond commenced speaking in Elvish. Thorin just looked up at him sharply.

“What is he saying?!” Glóin exclaimed while leaning forwards. “Does he offer us insult?”

“No, Master Glóin, he's offering you food.” Gandalf translated easily. The Dwarves turned and seemed to commence muttering to themselves.

“Well, if that is the case, lead on.” Glóin said while behind him most of the Dwarves smiled lightly.

“Dwarves and food,” Náriel muttered quietly and shook her head slowly..

“Ernilhe Náriel, gi suilanthon.” Upon being addressed Náriel looked up. She hadn't noticed that she had been noticed.

She smiled lightly, which Elrond returned. “Ai! Ni veren an gi ngovaned.” She said while bowing slowly, Elrond merely inclined his head and continued to smile down at her kindly.

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