chapter 1

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The episode starts in oberio mansion in shivaay rooml

Shivaay:anika tomorrow you don't need to come early tomorrow mehatas are coming here so you come late.

Anika become schoked what mehatas why are they coming here.

Shivaay :i am going to sign a deal with them

Anika:no plz don't do any business with them

Shivaay anger reach the peak he pinned her to the wall you no need to decide that your just my wedding planner no your limits and stay in your limits

Anika just ran from there.shivaay got hurt seeing this

Shivaay(in mind) :i love you anika but I can't accept you

Scene shift to anika home

Sahil:anika Didi tomorrow school leave can I come with you to see on bhai and Rudra bhai

Anika:ok sahil

Avni:what happened anika your looking upset

Anika:nothing di

Akash:anu you can't hide anything from us then why are you hiding things from us come on be a good girl and tell us what happened

Anika:we all know that tia and Mrs.kapoor are fraud but that bagad  billa is not listening to me bhai

Avni goes near her and says we will expose them for sure now go to bed

Anika goes and sleep fast since she is tired avni makes a call and talk in silent

Nxt day

Oberio mansion

Mehata brothers Neel and Ranveer arrives there every one greeted them Just then pinky brings tia and Mrs Kapoor and introduce them as kapoors industry owner

Neel :what we have never heared such company

Tia swethlanda and Mrs. Kapoor got tensed

Ranveer shows his phone there is no information about your company in internet also

Oberios were stunned and schoked

Mrs. Kapoor:actually we deleted it my husband want to create a new website so we are not only doing this company we are silent paterns of anu factory of glasses

Ranveer :that is our factory we don't have any silent partner in name of Mr. Kapoor


Kapoors face were sweating

Shivaay:are you sure Mr. Mehata

Ranveer :i am 200%sure in fact all our partners in that factory are active non are sleeping partner

Neel:ms.kapoor have we meet before


Neel:no I have seen you somewhere

Tia: where?

Neel:thats what I am thinking  where. where I have seen you got it I saw you last week in register office you got married last week right and this girl behind you there was also there and sighed as witness as your elder sister right

Shivaay was held schoked so well the others the kapoors face were sweating like anything while neel and ranveer snriked

Rudra:in that case anika died was right about you you was cheating us

Shivaay :rudy let me handle this before I call the police you 3 just tell us who the hell you are

Anika meets her brothers

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