26) "Put You Down" Ⓡ (For Baylie)

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Hey Bay ;) I made this imagine for ya. Take this as a gift from me. I love ya. <3333

Listen to PYD from Journals (By JB) while reading this. It's so perfect.

Justin's POV:

"Baylie! Baby? I got a surprise for you Bay!"  I yelled, as I searched for her in all the rooms. She finally came down running from upstairs. She said "Oh my god, what?!" and I said "You know the song PYD right? We made the video!" She said "What? For PYD?" and I nodded. I pulled her and pushed her down on the couch and switched on the TV. I whispered "Actually, I'm not supposed to be having this, but I got it to show you." she smirked.

The music started playing and she was looking at the screen very uncomfortably. The first scene was a girl and me hugging, and I slowly kiss her neck. She said "Justin, I don't wanna watch this.." and I asked her "What's wrong?" and she replied "Justin.. I don't know if you get it... I don't like some model kissing you or you kissing her neck with all your hands over her.. I'm not watching." 

Yes! That's exactly what I wanted.. Mission accomplished. I only filmed the first few minutes and it's not the official video. There's not going to be any video. I wanted to mess with her. That's all. And it's happening. Awwww my baby doesn't like it when I kiss someone else. Haha. She's in need of some attention.

"Babe? Baby?!" I said, chuckling. She ran away upstairs. Well, that wasn't what I expected. I didn't know she'd get upset for this. Uh Oh. "Baylie!? Baylie wait! Open the door baby girl!" I said, knocking the door. She opened it and she ran to the bed and sat down. Hmm. She's mad. Oops. My bad.

"Baylie?" I whispered as I sat down next to her. She said "What? You're doing this for what? I've told you I don't like it Justin!" and she was really angry. She needs me. She's not telling it out. Well, we'll see where this goes.

I didn't reply.. She continued "First of all! I don't like PYD! 'Put you down??' what kind of song is that! When you don't even put your girl down! Uggggh, I'm just gonna watch TV now." Wow. Did she even realise she said that? I'm gonna have to make it up to her. I'mma Put You Down Baylie. 

When she got up, I pulled her back, she fell on me and she said "Justin don't" and she growled. I didn't say another word. I pulled her again, by her waist and she was sitting on my lap now. "Justin let me go." She yelled. I didn't listen.. I cleared her hair from her shoulder and simply placed a kiss. She immediately stopped moving. She was burning hot. Seriously.. I'm not exaggerating, she was so hot, like she had a fever or something. 

"What are you doing Justin?" she asked me, in a softer and sweeter tone. Awww, I understand now. I replied "I'mma put you down babe." and she laughed, in disbelief. I kissed her neck, really slow and soft. My tongue slowly invaded her hot burning flesh, and she moaned. I could feel her love and I heard her heart skipping beats. I kissed from her neck, all the way to her jawline. She kept pushing me, so I entwined my hands and pushed her down against the bed. 

"Ju-s- Sto-p. Don-t do i-t to me" She stuttered. I didn't know she was this sensitive. I'm gonna use this chance. I moved my head above and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were beautiful and full of love. They were screaming "Take me. Take me. Take me." and Her mouth was saying "Don't do it to me" I said "Ssssh. I'm gonna show you how much I love you. You deserve the best Baylie."  

And I kissed her soft pink lips. It was the most passionate kiss ever. I whispered "I'm gonna put you down now. Any objections?" and she said "Yes! I obj-" and I got up, and ran to the door. I wanted her to say those words to me. She wasn't easy. She said "Where are you going?" and I said "I'm just gonna.. I'm sorry, you don't wanna do it.. I get it." and She ran to me and hugged me tight. I smiled and she cried "Justin i'm sorry, please don't go, put me down, I was lying! I want it! I didn't mean them! Please!" and I picked her up and laid her fragile self down on the bed. 

I kissed her lips, and meanwhile I slowly took off her cute top that says "I got the Bieber Fever" That made me laugh. I kissed every inch of her skin. I loved the way she moaned. We were kissing and rolling on top of eachother for the past one hour. I could feel the heat rising in the room, and the heat from inbetween her legs. She was kissing me, and I was simply adoring her beautiful body. She doesn't know what kind of a body she has.. *Sigh* It's breath-taking. 

Suddenly she asked me "What are you staring at?" and I said "Baby, you've got an amazing body." and she replied "Justin.. I don't have a body like that. Stop!" and I replied "Baby, only if you saw what I saw, you'd know why I want you so desperately." and she laughed. 

Now, we were naked. It was uncomfortable for her. She tried so much to hide from me under the covers. I said "Baylie, calm down. It's just me, don't need to be shy baby. I'm the one who gets to the whole of your beautiful self." and she blushed.

She turned away to hide that smile. I smiled and said "Are you ready?" and She said "Justin wait! It'll hurt right?" and I replied "Baby, I'm not going lie, but it does hurt in the beginning. But It'll all fade away in a jiffy and you'll feel amazing." She nodded and said "Let's try." and I kissed her. 

I was at her entrance. I could see her eyes are lost in confusion. I whispered "Promise, it won't hurt." and She smiled. I didn't want to do it, if it's gonna hurt. I quickly hugged her, and held her tight, my face in the crook of her neck. Her body was tensed, and stiff. I told her "Relax.. It's not going to hurt as much as you think. Don't stress, it'll hurt more then." and she smiled and nodded.

I took a deep breath and I pushed myself in. She screamed, and tears were falling off her eyes. Within a few seconds, her pillow was wet. Did it hurt so much? Did I hurt her? I pulled myself out and she pulled me, so I fell on her chest. I said "I'm sorry Baylie.. I didn't mean to.. We should stop." and she said "No! Do it!" and I did it again.. And she screamed again. I did it again and she didn't scream.. She only moaned a little. She was okay.

She wasn't crying anymore and she was enjoying this. I smiled and said "Okay now?" and she said "Okay!? No! It's awesome!" and I was determined to bring her to the edge of pleasure. Before I could complete my last, both of our bodies couldn't take anymore and exploded. She screamed and I did too. I collapsed on her chest. It was rising and falling quickly. Once again, I could feel her love, and I could hear her heart beating so fast. 

I told her "I love you so much Baylie.... I do kiss models and do stuff with them on screen, but in real, I want only you. I love only you. All those lips are plastic, only yours is real. I can feel your love, everytime you hug me and kiss me. But when they do it, I don't feel anything. That's the difference." And I kissed her, she turned her face. She was blushing.. really hard.

I smiled and said "Baby look at me.." and she said "Nope." and I said "Is it because I made love to you?" and She giggled. She said "Stop Justin.. You know why so don't question me." and I kissed her neck. She was happy. I was happy. I said "So.. You're happy?" and She said "Yep. Really happy." and She blushed again and again. Oh how I love Baylie. 

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