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Scarlett's POV

-2 days ago-

"I can't do this anymore." Romain said. He looked at me with such a apologetic face.

I'm still in love with him. I don't know why but something is pulling me toward him. I wanted him.

"I can't do this ether." I admitted to him.

"What are we going to do about that?" He asked.

"What do you wanna do?" I asked no breaking the eye contact from him.

"I wanna work this out. Listen Scar. I married you because I love you. And I don't want to give up on you."

"And I don't wanna give up on you." I said. "Maybe we should try...".

"Couple therapy?" He asked. I smiled a little.

"I know you hate that."

"If it means we can try and work it out then yes I wanna try it. I wanna give it ago. Because Scarlett the last few days away from you have been the worst of my life. So if you are willing to work this out then please let's give this ago."


Back to present time.

Scarlett's POV

I was going to tell my friends and family today that me and Romain plan on staying together.

Chris has been very consurned about what is going on with me. For the last two days I have been leaving the house to go to therapy then I come home just to leave again to be with Romain. I haven't have the courage to tell them yet but today I am really feeling confident.

I walked out to the living room of Chris's house where everyone was for a party. The party had been going on for a hour now. I had been held up in my room trying to think of a way to tell everyone. Romain texted me saying he was ready to come in when I tell them. I replied by saying stand bye.

"Scar good for you to finally grace us with your presence."Jeremy said jokingly .

"Guys if y'all don't mind I have a announcement to make." I said and everyone quieted down to look at me. I smiled at them all. "Ok so this may seem a little weird and well unexpected because it was for me too." I said laughing a little from nervousness. I walked over to the door taking a deep breath.

"come on scar you caan tell us." Robert said. my heart was pounding. i walked over to the door and everyone's gazes followed in suit. " ok so there is something behind this door that may be a little upsetting to a few of you....or maybe all of you. but i want you all to realize i have thought long and hard about this and i want your guys support. because you are all my family.....includung my actual family that is here. and before this door opens i want you all to promise no one will attack."

"you know Scar you are making us all more nervous then we have to be." Hunter said

"yeah i know it's just a little two steps forward one step back kinda thing... but in a good way. and i am hoping that you will all understand." i slowly reached for the doornob. i took one last breath before opening the door revealing Romain.

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