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Lisa had never been so happy to see anyone in her life.

'You came.' she breathed, still crouched on the floor.

'Of course I did.' he sighed, turning back to Debbie. 'She won't be in this state for long, just let me take care of this before she recovers.'

'I have a cross.' Lisa said. 'A blessed one.'

'That's smart.' Achilles said, smiling at her. 'But I don't need it.'

Debbie started to recover, slowly getting up. 'You.' She growled. Still wielding the knife, she lunged for Achilles. He grabbed her wrist before the knife hit him and knocked it out of her hand, then kicking her in the stomach, she fell back again and he placed his foot on her throat.

'Me.' he said.

Reaching into his waistband he pulled out a rather large hunting knife.

'You know what your problem is at Hire an Incubus?' He stabbed her clean in the chest and she hissed inhumanly, reminding Lisa of what they were.

'Only like 5% of you are trained to kill, that's pretty pathetic for a group of murderers.'

She growled some more until he pulled the knife out.

'You might not want to watch this Lisa.'

Lisa turned around, but when she heard the hissing and growling stop, she knew it was over. She didn't need to look at Debbie to know her heart had been ripped out.

He turned to face her. 'You can get off the floor now.'

She rose to her feet and she walked over to him and threw her arms around him. 'Thank you, thank you so much.'

She suddenly didn't care so much about the Hire an Incubus agents. 'You were right,I'm sorry for telling you to leave.'

He seemed surprised at her putting her arms around him but recovered quickly and pulled into a hug. He spoke softly; 'I'm sorry, I should've explained, that would've saved all of this.'

'Although, as much as I would like to stay in this position' he said,  gently pulling away from her. 'We need to to get the hell out of here.'

'Where am I going to go now?' She sighed exasperatedly.

'You can stay with me.' he said, sincerely.

'Are you sure?'

'Trust me when I say that they are going to be actively looking for the both of us now.' He seemed distracted and walked into her bedroom to which she followed.

'Why exactly were they trying to murder you?' he seemed to be focused on something else, staring at her ceiling. 

She fished a bag out of her closet, and started to pack some stuff into it. 'They overheard me talking about you.'

'Oh, really?' a sort of interest piqued in his voice. 'What was it that you were saying that had them so inflamed?'

'Um...Just stuff.'

He laughed. 'You're allowed to express attraction to me without it ending up with one of us against a wall Lisa, I have self control.'

Lisa felt her face burn. 'I was telling Alison about what happened between us.'

'I see.' he said, smirking slightly, 'Well, I'm sure it won't be the last time.'

Her face remained crimson.

'I have enough stuff now.' She said, holding her bag out.

'Shall we go then?'

She didn't expect Achilles to live where he did. It wasn't lavish apartment like an extension of Hire an Incubus' offices but rather a small cabin type house out in the forest. It seemed almost too peaceful for him, he looked out of place in the setting.

Standing outside the small house, Lisa looked up towards the treetops. She wasn't sure how far away they were from the city, but it was a considerable amount of distance, she could die out here and no one could save her. She looked at Achilles who was studying her facial expression intensely and he spoke when she said nothing.

'You look terrified Lisa.'

She just laughed awkwardly; 'Do I?'

He exhaled slowly. 'You don't need to trust me Lisa, you just need to trust when I say this is probably the safest place for you at the minute.'

She smiled softly at him and then he motioned for her to follow him into the house.

'So' he began, leaning against a counter. 'What exactly have they told you about me?'

They were in his kitchen. It was quite small and homely, not at all what Lisa could have imagined. She was seated at his kitchen table, a cup of tea resting in front of her. It was still the middle of the night, but she was too shaken to sleep.

'Well, they've said a lot of things. That you were dangerous and possessive. Nothing really specific.' she swallowed slowly and took a long look into his eyes. 'There was one thing they wouldn't tell me though. Adam said it was probably the most sensitive piece of information in the company.'

'And what was it?'

'They couldn't tell me why you got fired. They wouldn't.'

'Fired?That's the label they decided to slap on it.'

'What did they do? What did you  do?' Lisa looked pleadingly at him, she wanted to understand him, she needed to know this before she could trust him.

He pulled out the chair from the table and sighed as he sat down. 'It's not a very happy story, Lisa.'

Lisa nodded wordlessly. 'Please, go on.'

'I started working at Hire an Incubus a couple of years ago. A lot of my kind did. I supposed we all figured that doing what we were good at might as well have been our jobs. So basically, I was working there for a few months and there was this girl, well we developed somewhat of a relationship I suppose. There wasn't necessarily anything wrong with that I suppose, it was just then something happened.'

He went quiet momentarily and then spoke again. 'She got pregnant.'

'Oh.' Lisa said quietly. 'What happened then?'

'Oh they were pissed off to no end. It was a situation that never should have happened and it was against company policy. A child between a human and an incubus? What would the world think? So then they took me in for some kind of questioning and then they tried to kill me. So it wouldn't happen again.'

'Oh gosh, I'm so sorry Achilles. That must have been so hard for you, I hope you're okay. Did you ever see the girl again?'

'She.....She died.' He looked down at the table and she could see a numbness in his face.

'You don't need to talk about it anymore if you want.' Lisa said. She wanted to comfort him but she had no idea how to. Her heart was breaking for him, she could see the anguish on his face, she wished she could help.

'It's fine, I've come to terms with it. Kind of.' He gave her a small smile. 'It was Damian, the leader who tried to kill me. But he didn't succeed, and I came back. I'm going to kill him one day Lisa.'

'I don't blame you, oh gosh I'm so sorry for everything, for even thinking that you were any of those things, they're the real people who are dangerous.'

'Yes.' He stood up from the table, something about his temperament had changed definitely. 'I think we should both try and get some sleep Lisa, it's been a long night.'

She stopped him before he left the room and hugged him. She felt like she was finally beginning to understand him and her heart ached for him.

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