Chapter 26- Nostalgia

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Quote of the day: "Family will always be there in the darkest of time".

-United States of America

Avelyn Perez

-USA International Airport

I sat patiently awaiting the three familiar faces I longed to see. Busy tourists passing by as I peered down at my book and then to the door. No one was coming out and I felt my heart beat accelerate by the second.


The good old days and the warm childhood was what I always looked back at to connect where I was with where I wanted to be.


Do you know the meaning of nostalgia?

As defined, nostalgia is the sentimentality of the past, for a period of time and place with happy personal occasions.

I remembered arriving home at three in the evening. Mom would be in the kitchen with my sister, Carolina. I'd bid them a good evening and get started on my homework. I would always finish work at four-fifty and would make it downstairs to the living room.

I'd look at the clock on the cream wall and patiently await the hour hand to go at five. Precisely at that moment, I would hear the door open and as if it was a pattern, I'd be accustomed to rushing to the open door and embracing the person walking in.


"Aha-heyyy, pumpkin..." dad would cheer, embracing me with one hand whilst holding his briefcase.

Mom would embrace him after and he'd greet my other two sisters. Dad would retire to freshen up and return downstairs for dinner in the dining room. Given that my father was half Mexican and half Russian, mom made most of our meals Mexican. Mom was a mix of Russian and British. On regular days when dad was at the police station, she'd make Russian food.

Pulled pork taquitos with chipotle ranch dipping sauce, Camarones a la crema and churros.


On holidays, dad would take us to the park or to a local hotel where we'd spend time swimming in the pools and dining every night to international cuisines.

I remember our laughter when he'd tell a joke. My elder sister is a bit impudent whereas my youngest sister and I being obedient.

There were times when cases would take over and dad would return home frustrated. He'd be up all night in the study room and revisiting files.

I remember going for a glass of milk in the night, only to notice the study room light on and I'd go check to see. Over at the desk, he'd be engrossed in a stack of paper. And upon seeing me, he'd break into a smile and ask me to join him. I would assist in the cases or in his research.


One afternoon, we received a phone call from the police department. Informing us of a new case dad was supposed to work on, specifically, do a site visit and he never turned into work to do so. The chief had visited us an hour after and spoke to mom privately.

Everything was a blur.

How can there be so much pain in this world? Why do such things happen to persons like me and my father? Life offers us so much yet the little it lacks can ruin us. Is it wrong to be so selfish?



My eyes opened and I observed my surroundings. I was leaning against Damian's shoulder.

"Sorry...I didn't know I slept away. Did they arrive as yet? Oh god. I can't- "

"Hey...don't worry. They just landed", he said in calm tones. I smiled and sat up adjusting my coat as I looked over at the passageway. "Would like a cup of coffee?"

"Huh?" I snapped my head at him.

"Do you want a cup of coffee? Anything to eat?" Damian asked with a reassuring smile.

"Yes, please. A cup of coffee and a sandwich or so would be nice", I managed to smile a little before settling into the next chapter of my book. My thoughts were haywire. Reading shall help me calm my thoughts and focus.

Damian returned with the coffee and a Caprese sandwich. I took it giving my thanks and I began munching on the sandwich. Occasionally taking a sip of the hot fragrant coffee. It satisfied taste buds and settled my stomach.

Anxiety was getting the better of me.

"Are you better now?" A hand rested gently on my leg as a soft manly voice was heard to my right.

I smiled and nodded to him before peering at the entrance. I saw travellers coming in with their luggage and my heartbeat sped up.

A familiar redhead was spotted. My stomach dropped and I felt as if I could barely breathe. I was holding onto my book with a tight grip. Damian came close to me as I stood, his arm securing around my waist in support of my shaking body.

"Mom", I whispered before everything went blank. 

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