Chapter 5

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"Oh your so lucky you have a flat chest, I could never wear that dress without a bra." Izzy said.

"Izzy's right, you look amazing Clary." Addy states sitting on Izzy's bed.

She got dressed beforehand. Wearing a short black dress with an open back. (Above^^) she has on black ankle boots which has a dagger and her stele.

"Okay, you guys need to tell me where and when" Clary said looking at herself in the mirror.

"Where and when what?" Izzy asked

"Where you get your clothes and when you get paid" Clary said pulling down the dress.

"Stop it, you look fine" Izzy said.

"You do, and Clary?" Addy asked


"I'm sorry, for everything, your mom, what your going through, and me" Addy apologized.

"It's fine" Clary said. "So What's Jace to you guys.

"Why? Do you think one of us are dating him" Izzy asked putting her hand on her hip.

"No I just wanna know" Clary said

"You don't need to worry, he's like a brother to us, He's known Addy the longest, she came through that portal with him from Idris, their families were really close." Izzy explained "and plus Addy has a thing for Alec."

"What? I do not, Izzy he's like my brother, he's my best friend to, so nothing is going on between me and Alec" Addy explained. "Speaking of Alec, he doesn't know what to wear for this type of stuff so let me go help him."

"Yeah, I don't think Alec can prepare himself" Izzy said.

"Clary you look great so stop messing with the dress" Addy said walking out of the room.

She walked down to Alec's room and knocked on the door. Alec opened the door buttoning his shirt up.

"Can I come in?" Addy asked. He moved out of the way for her to come in.

"You look great" Alec said. "Is that Izzy's?"

"If it was Izzy's, it's probably would be shorter and more showy" Addy said. She turned to Alec and sighed.

"What?" Alec asked as she made her way to him.

"You trying to suffocate yourself, your going to a party to see a warlock, not a military base to see the general" Addy said unbuttoning two of them.

"We're going on a mission, not to gamble" Alec said.

"Are you okay? From earlier" Addy asked dropping her hands to her sides. He looked down at her. He cupped her cheek, which addy put a hand over.

"I'm fine" He said.

"For some reason, I just don't believe you" Addy said smirking.

"Really?" Alec said pulling her closer. She moved her hands to around his neck.

"I don't believe you at all" Addy whispered.

Alec bent down and pressed his lips against hers. She immediately kissed back.

Alec pulled her closer as the kiss got more passionate. She ran her hand through his raven colored hair.

The pulled away gasping for air. They pressed their foreheads together. Addy smiled and giggled "we should head out to the group"

"Yeah we should" He said pulling away and picking up his bow.

"What took you guys so long" Izzy asked looking at the pair.

"Like I said, Alec does not know what to wear to these types of things" Addy said. "I'm surprised to because Izzy has great fashion sense"

"Wow, Thanks Addy" Alec said sarcastically.

They were back to their old selves, joking and teasing each other. The kiss was completely forgotten.

"Your welcome" Addy smiled.

"Okay lets go" Jace said "and Addy? Where's your weapons?"

"I have my stele and dagger in my boot, and if I really need it, Alec has a seraph blade in his quiver." Addy said.

"Just don't get yourself killed and don't drink to many drinks" Jace said to the group.

"I'm certain Magnus Bane does not want drool on his ruby when we make the exchange" Alec said to Izzy who was wearing a necklace that they would trade in turn for Clary's memories.

"You know I wouldn't be so sure, most men like it when I admire their jewels" Izzy said.

Alec rolled his eyes and Clary made a disgusted face. "Just give the necklace to Jace" Alec said

"You don't have to be such a buzzkill" Izzy said handing the necklace to Jace.

"Okay, try to blend in and don't draw attention" Jace said as they entered the club.

They walked in and looked around. "MAGNUS BANE!" Addy called out over the music of the club.

Alec put his hand over her mouth, Jace and Izzy smacked her arm. "What happened to not drawing any attention to ourselves" Alec said

"Ah, Miss Addison Rose Fairway, it's been awhile" Magnus said.

"I thought we talked about not using my full, remember what happened last time?" Addy asked.

"Sadly, it left quite the mark— Ah Clarissa, it's so nice seeing you again"

"I want my memories back." Clary demanded.

"No can do, I have them to a memory demon" Magnus said raising his glass.

"What!" Clary and Addy said.

"Magnus, go summon the demon," Addy said

"After you drink this, Brandy, from 1983. I've been saving it" Magnus said handing Addy a glass.

She raised an eyebrow and dropped the glass. "You're summoning that demon so we can get Clarys memories back, or you better pray to the angel, that what I do to you won't be as worse as I have planned in mind, because Magnus, it's been a very crappy week and I'm at my boiling point," Addy said.

"Oh Addy, Don't you ever learn?" Magnus said and disappeared.

"Ugh" Addy groaned and walked out of the club.

"Addy! Seriously?"Izzy said

"We're never going get my memories back now" Clary says throwing a pin to the floor.

Addy goes to retrieve it and faces Clary. "You give up way to easily" Addy says.

She walks a bit away from the group and took out her stele.

"What's she doing?" Clary whispered to the group.

"She's tracking him" Jace said.

"I can't find him, Jace, you and Alec use your parabatai magic to track him."

"This would've all been easier if you took that drink he offered you" Clary said

"He's a warlock, have of his drinks contain magic, you think I'm gonna trust him with a drink" Addy said.

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