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Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader

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War For Love

Umi's POV

"I suppose you know why you are here" The Principal told us, intertwining her hands over the desk as Maki, Eli and I stood still in front of her.

Still in our respective school uniforms, we nodded at the same time, giving the queue to the Principal to continue.

"Your next target, the Princess of Tokyo" The Princess? The daughter of the King of Tokyo? The man who even the American Army can't catch is our next target, why?

"The daughter of the King?" Maki asked to the Principal, only having a nod like the answer.

"Isn't that family impenetrable?" Eli asked, confused for the reason of our next target, again only a nod for an answer.

"At least we have reinforcements, right?" This time I asked, instead of the nod we were all waiting for, she answered moving her head from side to side.

"Your target will be as vulnerable as you can wish" The Principal got some files from her desk and put them over it, signaling us to get closer and starting to analyze them. Since I was in the center of Maki and Eli, Maki being at my right and Eli and my left, I was the one who grabbed the files with the two of them leaning into me to read the files.

Our target has no image for recognition nor the necessary information to identify her, the only information we have is that she is starting from the worst jobs that her father could get her, just being a delinquent due to her age that is supposed to be around mine, and that she is making a deal with the yakuza, inside a construction site.

"If you succeed, then the Agency will become the wealthiest company in the world and you shall receive the fair compensation for taking the shot" This got me confused, the Princess was only a low-class delinquent, that is no reason for us to even make us to follow her.

"Why do you want her killed?" Maki asked while I put the files back in the desk and returned to our military postures.

"Certain information has got into the Agency that there's nothing that the King love the most than her Princess, if you killed her Princess then the King will be weak and that's when all the Agency acts and capture the King" The three of us were left dumbfounded after her words. The only thing that passed through my head was the question Who could have thought of that plan?

"So you are asking us to kill an innocent girl or at least someone who only needs another kind of life for her dad to become depressed and vulnerable?" Eli asked, clearly irritated by the order the Principal gave us.

"This will be your last mission, can you do it?" The Principal asked us, standing up from her chair, this was true, Eli was graduating and we all wanted to follow different dreams and paths instead of having a gun and killing all kinds of people.

"Of course" Maki answered for all of us, clearly excited about exiting this kind of life.

"Then I'm counting on you, it was a pleasure working with you, you can go now" The Principal took a seat again and we stepped out of her office, still in Otonokizaka after classes. Without saying goodbye, we all separated and went into different paths, Eli going to the Student Council, Maki going to the music club and I was going out of Otonokizaka.

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