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A speedy update from last time as I took an unplanned three month break on this, it's like a mediocre Christmas present for you guys! Please do vote or comment if you enjoyed this or have any suggestions, I appreciate all the support xx

The next day Lisa felt terrible, she wasn't new to hangovers but she hadn't had one of this magnitude in a while. She woke up face down on the sofa. She didn't remember being that drunk, in fact, she remembered being quite aware of what was going on.

Rising groggily to her feet, she found David sitting reading the newspaper on one of the armchairs. He met her eyes as she stood up and handed her a letter and said softly; 'This arrived for you this morning.'

'Thanks, David.' she took the letter from him. It was stylized with a script she didn't recognise. On opening the letter, there was nothing except a small business card reading 'Hercules' with a phone number beneath it.

'What the hell?' Lisa said out loud, tossing it immediately to the counter. 'I have no idea what it is.'

'May I?' David said, interested, and as Lisa nodded, he looked at the the card. 'Hercules' He breathed out slowly, something flashing across his face.

'What?' Lisa asked.

'I'm not at liberties to disclose who they are.' he said, his voice growing very formal.

'But they've sent me a letter? They obviously want me to contact them? What are they. some kind of secret society?I have a track record with supernatural creatures now, I'd imagine I won't be too surprised.' Lisa said. her voice almost stern, she was getting sick of not being told things until she found them out herself.

He looked almost at war with himself, which seemed to be the most emotional he'd ever appeared. This was also the single longest interaction Lisa had had with him.

'They are an organisation of sorts...' He began. 'They deal with supernaturals, and I'm afraid that's all I can say. If you want to know more, contact them yourself.' he said, slightly pained.

The conversation ended there. Lisa had other things on her mind anyway, ergo, her little breakdown last night. If it was getting to the stage that she was crying in public about it, she needed to talk to someone. She picked up her phone and called Alison.

'So what was it you wanted to tell me?' Alison said to Lisa, she had just arrived in, and after apologizing about a million times for losing her the night before, she sat down to listen to her.

'I need to talk to someone about this, it's about Achilles.' she took a deep breath before continuing. 'I've actually seen him more than everyone thinks and I've certainly had more contact with him than everyone thinks Ali.'

'Oh wow, that's definitely not what I was expecting to hear. I thought maybe you and Adam had gotten together or something.'

'What?' Lisa laughed. 'No!'

'I'm just saying, Thom is friends with him, he says he mentions you a lot, which seems quite strange for such polygamous creatures, you know?'

'Polygamous? Aren't you and Thom together?' Lisa laughed, trying to avoid the topic.

'Yeah, but we are now committed so it's different Lisa. Anyway what else were you saying?'

'Well, I actually sent him away, I told him to leave and he hasn't come back but I miss him.'

'Christ Lisa, it's a pretty open and shut case then, just ask him to come back.'

'You don't understand, Adam told me he's been killing agents.'

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