Chapter 24

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Finn POV

I wake up from my terrible sleep, the only reason it was terrible was because me and Rachel aren't together anymore.

I know we talked last night but I could still see the pain and hatred in her eyes. I didn't want to break up but some thing clicked inside my brain and told me that this was wrong.

I feel so bad because I led her on thinking this could work, it wasn't intentional. I miss her

I'm an asshole and I don't deserve her.

God what have I done? It's for the best. It would kill me to see another man holding her in his arms. I can't get jealous.

It's not manly to get jealous.

I get up out of my thoughts and head into the kitchen to see my two brothers Damon and Stefan sitting at the table eating. I couldn't eat, are you kidding?

I pour some coffee out for myself and sit at the table joining my brothers. They look at me as if I'm a ghost or something

"What?" I ask sipping my coffee

"You look like shit" Stefan says

"Good morning to you too dipshit, you don't look too bad yourself" I huff, was I really that depressed looking?

"Calm down jackass, what's up?" Damon asks looking at me

"You remember Rachel? Well we broke up" I say sadly looking at my coffee

"Ok I'm 50% with you on that and then the other 50% I'm not, it was wrong finn but I'm a total finchel shipper" Damon says eating his cereal

I look up at him confused

"Finchel?" I ask raising my eyebrow

"Finn+ Rachel= finchel. It's like a sum" Stefan explains cause Damon's mouth was wide open because of my reaction to the name that he had combined together

"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies" I say to Damon who still had his mouth open

He shut up and went back to eating

Stefan got up and said he was going to his girlfriends for the night

It just left me and Damon

"So are you gonna get her back? Or are you gonna sit here like a depressed tall guy" he asks

"I want her back but it's never going to happen" I say looking at the outcome of this Shitty situation which I pretty much made out of my own stupid fault.

"Oh don't talk shit" he says leaning back in his chair looking at me

"I'm not talking shit Damon, you try being in this situation where you love someone but because of your social life you can't be together" I say angrily slamming my cup on the table smashing it.

Donna looked at me in awe as he just witness me smash a cup because of my anger.

"Dude your bleeding" he says getting up to get a cloth

All the adrenaline wore off by now and I'm now feeling the pain of my now extremely bloody hand

Damon gave me a cloth to wipe the blood off but it just kept pouring out making me cringe. I hated the sight of blood. It was like a pet peeve of mine.

I saw all the little pieces of glass inside the wound, that's gonna hurt like a bitch getting that out or at least trying to.

When the blood kinda stopped pouring out like water from a tap I washed it under the sink and made sure it was clean. I tried getting the little bits of like shrapnel out, with some luck I got most of them out.

I wrapped it up in bandage that Damon had fished out of the cupboard. He made sure I was ok then left to go to his shift down at the bar.

I sat back down and thought to myself What I had just done to myself because of my anger. I need to go to anger management...honestly and at least I can admit it.

I would never hit anybody tho I'd probably just hit a wall or a door but NEVER a person not even if they pissed me off on the scale of 10. I would only punch a guy who I thought needed it

I just sit thinking about Rachel and what could have been. I love her.

Shit, I love her

I need to get my girl back and I will go to hell and give my heart to the devil himself for her to be happy

She's my girl

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