006; The Past

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Sadie lay on her bed with her eyes closed. Her head was filled with thoughts, some good thoughts, some bad. She opened her eyes and cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled. "Why am I so miserable!?" She looked at her scared wrists and rubbed her finger over the cuts from last time. She remembered how helping Caleb was when she almost went through with her death wish. Caleb was the only reason she was still here. She decided that she didn't like seeing the scars from the past. She walked over to her jewelry box and got every bracelet she could find and put them on both of her arms until they covered each scar. She sighed and sat back on her bed just as she heard her parents start yelling again, she had had enough. She stood up once again and opened her door.

"If you're gonna argue your entire lives why are you still loving here!?" She slammed her door and locked it. She heard the voices quiet down as she layed on her bed and tears fell down the side of her head. She rolled onto her side and sighed she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.


The next day Sadie woke up to silence, wow. Silence. No arguing no gross smells,  nothing. She smiled a little and began to get dressed.

She threw on a sweater with jeggings and Uggs

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She threw on a sweater with jeggings and Uggs. She ran into the kitchen and was greeted with a smiling father. She looked at him oddly then noticed the three plates of pancakes on the table.

"I thought the three of us could have a family breakfast this morning." He says

"Where's mom?" Sadie asks as she sits at the table.

"She's getting dressed, she has a job interview today." Sadie's dad explains and sits at the table as well.

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