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Guys in my story anika will have 3 elder brothers go will be a top business man and under cover mafia

Anika brothers will love her to the core can do anything for her they won't let her go out alone

Anika will also love her brothers a lot but her problem is their over protective and poessive  so she will run from home

Her brothers will find her bring her back she  will stay with them for some time  and again run away with sahil

Sahil parents will be anika caretaker  they will die saving her life so anika will love sahil like their  brothers

Their brothers will also have no problem with sahil they will treat sahil as their own son

For her elder brother anika is not only his sister but a daughter if anika run away he won't show her anger on her

Anika comes across shivaay when she runs away  from home and starts running a event management company

Shivaay knows anika as prinku friend

Anika will soon become everyone friend and a part of oberio family by saving them from some rivals

Shivaay will fall for anika but hide it for naam khoon kadhan

Anika will warn shivaay about tia but he won't believe her

Anika will find out that his brothers want to do deal with oberios

Anika will warn shivaay not to do business with them shivaay won't listen to her thinking that she doesn't want to grow his business

Anika brothers will expose kapoors then introduce anika as their sister

So guys what you think I should continue

So guys if you want me to continue plz press the star button if I get 25 votes I will continue

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