Chapter 4

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"Where the hell is Addy?" Alec yelled as he and Izzy were fighting vampires.

"And I know that how?" Izzy asked finishing the last vampire.

"Let him go!" Clary yelled at Raphael. Addy was there with her standing next to her.

"You heard her, let the boy go!" Addy said.

"Drop your weapons" Raphael said "Drop them!"

Everyone lowered their weapons except Addy. "Addy, love that goes for you to, lower it or I'll kill him." He said

"Addy lower it" Alec said. She did as the two boys said.

"Follow me" Raphael says Walking backwards. They follow him down a couple hallways.

"Open the door! Open it or I'll kill him" He snarled. Izzy opened the door and let the morning light in. Raphael snarled and hide behind Simon.

"Take him and go!" He said. "Go!"

Alec pushed Addy out and was the last one left. He turned but Raphael stopped him "Remember who your friends are Alec Lightwood" he said and Alec went outside.

"Simon! Your Okay!" Clary said hugging him.

Izzy and Addy were standing a bit away from the two, but enough to hear Jace and Alec argue.

The two girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes. They turn their attention to Simon and Clary.

"If you hate her so much why did you help!" Jace yelled at Alec. Izzy gasped and turned around.

Alec stormed off to God knows where. Addy jumped up and followed him.

He was leaning against the railing looking out at the sunset. She came up and wrapped her arms from behind him.

"If your here to talk about my feelings it's not gonna happen" Alec said.

"I'm not going to make you, your upset and I wanna be there for you." She said softly. He sighed and turned around so that her arms were still wrapped around him just he was facing her.

"I'm sorry" He said.

"Don't be, But I think we all should be glad that Jace is admiring someone else besides himself." She said moving her hands to around his neck

"He's being a dick" Alec said putting his hands on her waist

"Since when is he not, he's your parabatai he'll come around. I promise" Addy said kissing his cheek. He closed his eyes.

"Smile" Addy said.

"What?" Alec said opening his eyes

"I never get to see you smile, please smile, be happy" Addy said cupping his face. He gave a cheeky smile that he only saved for her.

"Feel better?" She asked him.

He nodded his head, "Thanks"

"Anything for my bestie" She said.

It felt like a blow to his chest. He frowned. "What?" Addy asked

"Nothing... it just sounds so girly" Alec said. Addy chuckled.

"Addison Fairway! Your ruined the refrigerator" Izzy screamed while everyone was gathered in there.

"No I didn't I made it better" Addy smirked.

"What did she do" Alec groaned throwing his head back.

"She put Tostitos Rolls in the ice maker!" Izzy said. Addy jumped up and grabbed a plate.

She pressed it against the ice make and Tostitos rolls fell out onto the plate. Izzy groaned as Addy sat back down at the table.

Everyone was staring at her "Okay in my defense, no actually uses the ice maker, so I made it better" Addy said.

Jace reaches over and grabbed one off her plate. "Jace, I made a refrigerator that gives you pizza rolls, it's literally five feet ahead of you and you take mine?"

"Okay anyway, Addy since you slept through Hodge's meeting, we are going to a Downworlders Rave" Izzy said.

"Cool, I mean is there free food?" She asked

"—To talk to Magnus Bane" Izzy finished.

"Magnus Bane? High Warlock of Brooklyn? Why?" Addy asked

"We think Magnus Bane took Clary's memories" Jace said.

"He took Clary's memories? By the Angel" Addy said.

"I'm going to get ready, we leave in two hours," Izzy said

"One! Who made you the boss and Two! Why do you need that long to get ready?" Jace asked. Izzy ignored him and walked to her room.

"Hey, at least we know that Izzy can take care of herself, while Jace, over here always needs a hand" Alec says.

"Okay, considering we have two hours I'm going to take a nap" Addy said standing up.

"Don't take to long" Alec said

"Yessir" Addy said making a fake salut. Causing Alec to smile. She walked out of the kitchen and down the hall.

"I'm going to go up to, I'll be in my room if you need me." Clary said walking out to.

"Alec?" Jace asked looking up to the teen.

"Hmm?" Alec replied not looking at him.

"Do you like Addy?" Jace asked. Alec looked up in shock.


"You heard me, do you like Addy" Jace asked. Alec sighed.

"We are nothing more than just friends. That's all we are" Alec explained.

"Whatever floats your boat" Jace said.

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