Chapter Twenty One: Theatricality Part One

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A/N: I do not own anything besides Amelia St. James and any other original character which includes her parents, aunt, and uncle. WE HIT A 1,000 reads. I AM SO EXCITED. So in honor of hitting 1k, here is the next chapter, I will try to update Friday but expect an update soon.

Jesse spent all day Saturday with Rachel while I had dance practice with Jeff at our dance studio. Jeff came home with me too because his parents were busy and wouldn't be able to pick him until way later, so he hitched a ride with Uncle Daniel and me back to our house. Jeff and Rachel met for the first time, she then wanted us to dance for her, which we did. She looks impressed, I was pleased with that result.

On Sunday it was decided that Rachel and I wouldn't say anything to the glee club about Jesse transferring back because it would provide them with some much-needed motivation to do better when they find out on their own. Mr. Schue was the only one who was allowed to know mostly because he is the faculty advisor of the club.

When Monday arrived, it was back into the old schedule, Aunt Vanessa would drive me to the school, then after Cheerios Uncle Daniel would come pick me up. This morning, everything was running smoothly, Jesse was the first one to leave, followed by Uncle Daniel, then Aunt Vanessa and I. I wasn't late school which was good when Uncle Daniel drives I always arrive later than usual which sucked.

The first thing I did once I arrived at the school was head to my locker. Today, it was only Quinn waiting for me by my locker. "Morning Q," I tell her. "Morning, A," "Where are the other two?" I ask. "No idea, I arrived here early this morning, and they have yet to show up," She explained. Once I had everything and so did she, went to our first-period classes, set our stuff there and starting walking around the school. We ended up watching Tina and Mr. Schue leave Principal Figgins' office. They both looked kinda upset, I couldn't help but wonder why.

The first three periods of the day went by so fast once the bell rang. I walked into glee club and I sat in Jesse's old seat. Nobody noticed anything or maybe they did and didn't say anything. Everybody was just sitting there looking at Tina who changed her clothes from what I saw her in this morning. She was in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. It was so weird. "It's so weird," Artie comments while looking at Tina. "This so isn't you," Finn tells her. "I feel like an Asian Branch Davidian," She states. "Tina, are there any other looks you can try?" Mr. Schue asks. "Biker chick," says Santana, Tina gave her thumbs down at the idea. "Cowgirl," suggests Finn, he got the same response. "Hoodrat," Mercedes tells her. "Computer programmer," Quinn throws out. "Cross country skier," Brittany asks. "Catholic schoolgirl," Puck suggests. "A happy meal, no onions or a chicken," Brittany says speaking again. "If you can't be goth, go punk," I suggest. "Look, I appreciate it, guys but it just isn't me. I know who I am, and I'm not allowed to show it. It's like communism," Tina explains.

"Guys, we have a serious problem," Rachel states while rushing in. "I've been doing some deep background on Vocal Adrenaline," she states. By that she means, she asked Jesse how his morning practice was and he told what they did. "Isn't that against the rules?" Artie asks. "No, not at all," She says, but then she quickly changed her answer, "or probably," They still haven't noticed no Jesse, and we still had to play the part like we know nothing. "Whatever. Anyway, what I figured out is 18 boxes of empty boxes of Christmas lights," she starts. "Oh, no," Tina states. "Which led me to Joelle Fabrics, sold out of red Chantilly lace," she speaks. "Oh, sweet Jesus," Mercedes mumbles. "Oh my, they're doing Gaga," Kurt announces. "That's it, it's over," Mercedes murmurs. "Exactly," Rachel states. "We should have guessed it. They're going for full-out theatricality. They know it's the easiest way to beat us. Damn them," Kurt speaks.

"What's up with this Gaga dude. He, just like dresses weird, right? Like Bowie?" Puck asks. "Lady Gaga is a woman! She's only like the biggest pop act to come along in decades. She's boundary-pushing. The most theatrical performer of our generation. She changes her look faster than Britt changes sexual partners." Kurt explains. "That's true," Brittany adds. "It makes sense that Vocal Adrenaline would pay homage, it's a brilliant move. She's a perfect fit for them. Artie says. "Now, hold on a second. We might be able to kill two birds with one stone here. We can help Tina find a new look and find a competitive number for Regionals. This week, your assignment; Gaga," Mr. Schue announces. Everybody started gasping, excited for this week. "Pens, need pens. My ideas just come to me," Rachel states. "My office," Mr. Schue tells her. "I'm brainstorming," Rachel says. She leaves to get a pen. We spend the rest of fourth-period coming up with ideas for our group number. We didn't have anything once the class was over. The rest of school was a huge blur, I was just worried about my costume for the week, I didn't listen to Lady Gaga, much less pay attention to what she wears. Maybe I could Kurt to help...Aunt Vanessa might have a good idea for it. After Cheerios practice, Rachel, Quinn, and Mercedes got the idea to spy on Vocal Adrenaline, while it wasn't really spying for Rachel, she was seeing her boyfriend. Quinn was gonna drive them to Carmel and asked if I wanted to come. I agreed only because somebody has to get them into the school, and the teachers there wouldn't say a thing if they saw me with them. We arrived and went to their balcony seats, when we sat down they were working on choreography. Nothing big, I don't think anybody could tell which song it was. I sent a text to Jesse saying we were here. New Directions may be my team, but family first.

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