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His doctor didn’t offer a solution so he continued to suffer. His family and Nine wanted to help him but in the end, he ran away. He wanted to be noticed but guard just stood and watched. The police could’ve saved him if they were just a little quicker but they were too late.


"phantom pain" which is pain that comes from a body part that's not physically there.

He really planned everything in detail. He left and left us with this album to comfort us. He prepared everything. He didn't say about the release of his album, it may have been because he did not want to make a promise that he couldn’t keep, so he just want everyone to hear his new songs that were completed. He gave numerous signs that were unnoticed. He showed his love for SHINee and SHINee World until the very end.

How can I forget such a wonderful, amazing, outstanding and beautiful man like him??

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