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Kyuhyun went twice to Jonghyun funeral. First with Heechul & Yesung wearing black suit, then he came again wearing black padding & hugged Minho. #RipJonghyunShinee


Lee Hi. Our princess looks so fragile when she visited Jonghyun. Her song "breathe" was arranged and composed by him. My princess, stay strong.


Taeyang visited Jonghyun's funeral today. YGAs are coming one by one. They said YGE already sent condolence wreath for  Jonghyun.


The reason why we are so into making the stories behind our MVs more deep is because our fans are good at figuring it all out after it is released that's why we are making it more meaningful.

- SHINee's Jonghyun

So is this what you did to you IG posts and the song you composed too???

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