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Taeyeon never leave Jonghyun at the funeral hall because she wants to make sure that he's not alone, she wants to see him, to be with him until his last day. Jonghyun got a loyal and sweet friend here.

Translated by Sonexstella:

"That’s you, and there’s no one who won’t love you because there’s a different you. I like you a ton, I love you, I want to pat you on the back and I wanted to embrace you just one more time. That’s what I was able to do but I hate myself for regretting it like this after losing the opportunity. I’m so sad, it’s so wasteful, our precious Jonghyunnie. If I call and say your name, I feel like you’ll say “Yeah!” in a high tone, I miss you a lot, our Jonghyunnie. I’m sorry noona couldn’t hug you a lot, I’m sorry, I love you and thank you. I remember you saying that you wrote “Lonely” thinking of noona and all that process. We are similar. We resemble each other. We know those feelings. Kim Jonghyun, who is the most unique, cool and incredible artist in my life, I really miss you a lot and I want to hold your hand. Jonghyun-ah, you are the best. You really worked hard. I’ll make sure you’re not lonely."

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