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If you can’t respect Kpop fans who are also mourning, at least respect the silence of Jonghyun’s death.
Stop saying we are “overreacting” just because we don’t know him personally. Stop saying we’re trying to gain attention because we are also hurt. Stop saying we are “too sensitive” and be considerate of what we are feeling.
For those kpop fans out there who are also in deep pain, this is me validating you, and validating your feelings. There is nothing wrong with being fragile and hurt right now. Don't be ashamed of your vulnerability, and don't let anyone impair your genuine hurt feelings because of idiotic people who think we’re shallow for mourning at someone.
Your reaction is part of your unique human experience, and it is no one's business to tell you how to feel.
And you? You who keep on saying bullshits, should try adopting a little more sensitivity on your part.
This way of treating others’ feelings is too poisonous, please stop.

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